Peer Mentor

This year I have begun working as a peer mentor and aiding in teaching a freshman survey class for students in the biological sciences majors in the honors college. Although I am typically shy and uncomfortable speaking in front of large crowds, this is something I really felt compelled to do since one of my peer mentors in my survey class as a freshman made a lasting impression on me and served as a mentor, helping me navigate through my freshman year and my decision to become pre-med. I hope that I can make an impression on at least one of the students in the room and be a resource for those struggling with similar issues that I was in my freshman year. Already I can feel myself becoming more accustomed to speaking to the class, and I am eager to impart what wisdom I have on campus resources and general education courses. I have to set up two social events this semester for the students to attend, and at my first one (where I watched a student-produced play on campus with freshmen students), I felt like I made a genuine connection with the students and had a great time myself. This experience has been very rewarding for me because I love to help others in any way I can, and I am excited to help with next year’s survey classes as well!

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