EquiSTEP – Equine Safety Course Requirement (Counts for Horse Q.A.)

  • Available online at EquiSTEP   
  • Each participant will need their own unique email address and most school email accounts will block messages from outside of the school district.  If a member has previously enrolled in EquiSTEP, they will not need to re-enroll
  • Fulton County 4-H horse projects must complete by June 1, 2023.
  • This course counts for the Horse Quality Assurance Requirement.  If taking another animal project, must complete Livestock Quality Assurance.

HORSE FORMS – Due June 1



PAS Qualifying Horse Shows  –  Download PAS Packet of Information

  • At the beginning of the year, the youth determines which classes they want to qualify in to show at State Fair. A youth must qualify in any two (2) classes in order to compete in the State Fair Junior Horse Show. Counties may allow youth to qualify in more than two classes; however, youth may enter in a maximum of four (4) classes at the State Fair Junior Horse Show, this includes ground roping. At the State Fair Junior Horse Show, youth will only be allowed to show in classes for which they qualified.
  • A county (or group of counties) may offer up to two (2) single-judged qualifying shows or one (1) double-judged qualifying show. In a show with two judges, the scores should not be averaged.
  • A youth cannot compete in more than two (2) single-judged PAS shows or one (1) double-judged PAS show.
  • Gymkhana classes: Riders get one run (attempt) per class in a show to qualify unless county or counties are using one show with two judges to qualify youth. Then the youth may have two attempts (runs) as long as they are not disqualified in the first run. If the youth receives a no time in their first run, they are still eligible for their second run. If the youth is disqualified in their first run, they are not eligible for a second run.
  • A youth may only use one horse to try out in PAS shows and cannot replace a horse for any reason after they have shown in their first PAS class. The project horse shown at the state fair must be the one the 4-H member qualified with in his or her county