Ohio 4-H Winning Plan

The Winning 4-H Plan (W4HP) assists Extension professionals and volunteers by providing resources to aid them in
developing accommodation plans to meet the needs of Ohio 4-H youth with disabilities. As a part of The Ohio State
University, Ohio 4-H must make all aspects of 4-H, including programming, projects, facilities, and activities, accessible to
people with disabilities.  The learning and experiences that a member gains through 4-H are just as
important, if not more important, as a “perfect” final project or a blue ribbon at the fair. Creating access is more than
ensuring the member can attend 4-H events and fairs, it includes choosing an appropriate project, holding meetings and
activities in accessible spaces, and including all members in all activities.

Basic Procedures for Creating a Winning 4-H Plan  – Click here for complete policy and form

  1. 4-H parent/guardian submits request form to local Extension office. Request forms must be submitted in a time frame
    that is reasonable to consider the request and implement the approved accommodations. Some requests take longer
    than others to implement, and it is beneficial to turn the form in as early as possible prior to the event.
  2. County 4-H professional reviews request.
  3. County 4-H profession meets with 4-H parent/guardian (and member) to discuss the request.
  4. Determine reasonable accommodations.
  5. County 4-H professionals sends notification of approved accommodations to the parent/guardian.
  6. Parent/Guardian communicates approved accommodations with those who need to know (additional details below)
  7. The Winning 4-H Plan should be reviewed annually to discuss any changes that may be needed to the accommodation

Once accommodations are approved, the parent/guardian will receive the Project and Exhibition Accommodations form.
This form is used for the guardian to communicate the approved accommodations to those who need to know, such as
advisors, and in other situations such as on camp health forms. It is suggested to attach the form in the inside of project
books for judges to reference during interviews. Be sure to remove the form if books are displayed publicly. The 4-H
professional will work with others such as fair staff, committees, and judges as necessary to meet the requirements of the
approved accommodations, particularly when the accommodation requires facility or procedural changes to a show or
event. Be sure to talk with the county 4-H professional if you have questions. Communication is key to successful

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