Skillathons & OME/OSE


All species except horses will have a skill-a-thon on Saturday, August 12 9am-12pm noon at the Fulton County Fairgrounds. Youth will be proctored by the Skillathon Coordinators and volunteers while they take their respective species tests. Remember, participating in Skill-A-Thon competition is an optional activity, but is required to be eligible for OME/OSE.

  • All Skillathons are open to any Fulton County 4-H member, age 8 and in the 3rd grade, or 9 years old and older regardless of grade level, to age 18 as of January 1, 2023, and FFA members.
  • You do not have to exhibit a particular species to participate in that species Skillathon.
  • Skillathons will be held on Saturday, August 12, 2023 9am-12pm at the Fulton County Fairgrounds (Beef, Sheep, Swine, Dairy-Spangler Arena; Goats, Rabbits, Poultry, Dogs-Sale Arena).
    • Note: To be eligible for Outstanding Market or Species Exhibitor, youth MUST compete in their species in-person, Fulton County skillathon. OSF skillathon participation (in-person or virtual) will not count.


Outstanding Market or Species Exhibitor Contest

Any Junior Fair youth exhibiting beef, sheep, swine, dairy, goat, rabbit, poultry or dog projects can participate in this contest.  To be competitive, an exhibitor must participate in their species’ skillathon, showmanship, and market or determined grade classes (best placing used for points if youth exhibits in multiple classes for the same species).  Points are awarded to placement within each class.  Registration is on-site at the Skillathons. For each species, cash awards will be granted to first, second, and third place, pending financial availability. Skillathon winners will be announced in each Skillathon age division, pending availability. OME winners will sell third in the sale order and will receive a $1,000 award, pending financial availability.  The OME/OSE winner is not eligible in the following year in the same species, but will become eligible again after one year.

**Please NOTE: We are currently seeking Skillathon and OME/OSE financial sponsorship for other species not currently sponsored. If this is something you or someone you know, including local businesses, please contact Sara Lewis ( or Kendall Lovejoy ( We will be unable to monetarily support these species without financial sponsorship.


Check out the Skillathons & OME/OSE page on the left column for more information, including study topics and resource materials.

4-H Cloverbud Day Camp: Register Today!

Register your Cloverbud by 6/23 for this exciting opportunity at:

*Credit Card Payments are being accepted through Fulton Co. Extension Office, please direct any credit card-related payments to their office at : 419-337-9210

**Cash & Check Payments can be dropped off at the Fulton County Extension Office. Be sure checks are made out OSU or Ohio State University.


4-H Still Project Judging Schedule

Still Project Judging (non livestock)

Make-Up Judging

If you cannot make it to your assigned judging or will not be attending, please contact the Extension Office at 419-337-9210. You may attend make-up judging which will be conducted during regular judging days by available judges. Projects judged at make-up judging are not eligible for county awards or the Ohio State Fair.

Visit the 4-H Still Project Judging page on the left column for more judging tips and information. 

Time to say…”THANK YOU”-Card Design Contest

Design a 4-H Thank You Card that can be used by 4-H’ers and clubs in our county to say thanks to…award donors, livestock buyers, a speaker at your club meeting, a show sponsor.  The Thank You Card Contest is intended to help teach youth the necessary etiquette skills they need in life to show appreciation for time, talent or resources given by others.

  • Open to all registered Fulton County 4-H members ages 8-19.
  • In both categories detailed below, the entry should be an original Thank You card with artwork on the cover. An inside message is not required, but may be included at the discretion of the designer. Inside messages will not be judged. All designs must be able to be duplicated.
  • 2 categories include:
    • Without the use of computer graphics: Member may use any medium, including crayon, chalk, pen and ink, pencil, markers, etc. Designs must be hand-lettered and drawn or cut by hand. Art and message must be the original work of the member. Individual youth are encouraged to submit a design on an 8 ½”x11” sheet of white cardstock paper, folded once. The use of the 4-H emblem is required. The winner of the youth ages 8-10 will be eligible to send their design to the Ohio State Fair. If the winning design does not meet these requirements, the design will not move on to the Ohio State Fair.
    • With the use of computer graphics: Artwork or letting created with the aid of scrapbooking tools or computers is permitted for this category. The design must be original work. No commercially designed clipart may be used. Individual youth are encouraged to submit a design on an 8 ½”x11” sheet of white cardstock paper, folded once. The use of the 4-H emblem is required. The winner of the youth ages 8-10 will be eligible to send their design to the Ohio State Fair. If the winning design does not meet these requirements, the design will not move on to the Ohio State Fair.
  • Use of copyrighted or protected characters or logos is not permitted, with the exception of the 4-H emblem. The 4-H emblem must be used correctly. Contact Sara Lewis at for questions or specific guidelines.
  • There are three age categories: 8-10 years, 11-13 years, and 14-over.
  • There is no entry form; just draw the picture, put your name, club, 4-H age on the back of the drawing and submit it to the Extension Office.
  • The top entry in each age category chosen by a panel of Fulton County 4-H stakeholders may be selected to go to print for the fair and 4-H program use. Evaluation will be based on the quality, creativity, and originality of the design.
  • Entries are due to the Extension Office by June 30, 2023.


Ohio 4-H Winning Plan

The Winning 4-H Plan (W4HP) assists Extension professionals and volunteers by providing resources to aid them in
developing accommodation plans to meet the needs of Ohio 4-H youth with disabilities. As a part of The Ohio State
University, Ohio 4-H must make all aspects of 4-H, including programming, projects, facilities, and activities, accessible to
people with disabilities.  The learning and experiences that a member gains through 4-H are just as
important, if not more important, as a “perfect” final project or a blue ribbon at the fair. Creating access is more than
ensuring the member can attend 4-H events and fairs, it includes choosing an appropriate project, holding meetings and
activities in accessible spaces, and including all members in all activities.

Basic Procedures for Creating a Winning 4-H Plan  – Click here for complete policy and form

  1. 4-H parent/guardian submits request form to local Extension office. Request forms must be submitted in a time frame
    that is reasonable to consider the request and implement the approved accommodations. Some requests take longer
    than others to implement, and it is beneficial to turn the form in as early as possible prior to the event.
  2. County 4-H professional reviews request.
  3. County 4-H profession meets with 4-H parent/guardian (and member) to discuss the request.
  4. Determine reasonable accommodations.
  5. County 4-H professionals sends notification of approved accommodations to the parent/guardian.
  6. Parent/Guardian communicates approved accommodations with those who need to know (additional details below)
  7. The Winning 4-H Plan should be reviewed annually to discuss any changes that may be needed to the accommodation

Once accommodations are approved, the parent/guardian will receive the Project and Exhibition Accommodations form.
This form is used for the guardian to communicate the approved accommodations to those who need to know, such as
advisors, and in other situations such as on camp health forms. It is suggested to attach the form in the inside of project
books for judges to reference during interviews. Be sure to remove the form if books are displayed publicly. The 4-H
professional will work with others such as fair staff, committees, and judges as necessary to meet the requirements of the
approved accommodations, particularly when the accommodation requires facility or procedural changes to a show or
event. Be sure to talk with the county 4-H professional if you have questions. Communication is key to successful