2022 Fulton County 4-H King and Queen

For youth ages 13+.  Youth will need to complete the Older Youth Opportunities Base Application form available here on the 2023 Applications & Scholarships page PLUS Royalty additional page application.  If not already submitted, applications are due April 1, 2023.  Interviews are Wednesday, May 17, 6:00pm at the Fulton County OSU Extension Office. You will be called to set up an interview time by May 5.

All youth will complete a 4-H/species knowledge test on-site using Edulastic 30% total score.  30% total score written application. 40% total score interview.

  • 4-H King and Queen ($250 scholarship each)
  • 4-H Species Ambassadors: Lamb & Wool, Goat, Dog, Poultry, and Rabbit ($200 scholarship each, one ambassador per species)
  • 4-H Horse King and Queen: Specialized application. Test to be concurrently completed with interview times on May 17, 6:00pm at the Fulton County OSU Extension Office.

Other Fulton County Royalty

  • Junior Fair King and Queen: Interview date and time to be announced by Junior Fair Board (August).
  • Commodity Royalty: Pork Queen (June), Beef Queen (August 1), and Dairy Ambassador (early February). Please directly contact the commodity groups for specific information about their royalty contests.

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