Virtual Clothing Training!

4-H Master Clothing – Online Education

These trainings are for youth participating in sewing and clothing projects and are taught by the 4-H MCEV (Master Clothing Educator Volunteer).

If you have youth that are interested in learning more about sewing skills or have questions about their sewing projects, they can sign up for the online trainings offered by the 4-H MCEV.

Please see the attached flyer for more information.

Questions regarding 4-H MCEV, clothing judging, or the online trainings can be sent to Pam Montgomery at



2022 Fulton County 4-H King and Queen

For youth ages 13+.  Youth will need to complete the Older Youth Opportunities Base Application form available here on the 2023 Applications & Scholarships page PLUS Royalty additional page application.  If not already submitted, applications are due April 1, 2023.  Interviews are Wednesday, May 17, 6:00pm at the Fulton County OSU Extension Office. You will be called to set up an interview time by May 5.

All youth will complete a 4-H/species knowledge test on-site using Edulastic 30% total score.  30% total score written application. 40% total score interview.

  • 4-H King and Queen ($250 scholarship each)
  • 4-H Species Ambassadors: Lamb & Wool, Goat, Dog, Poultry, and Rabbit ($200 scholarship each, one ambassador per species)
  • 4-H Horse King and Queen: Specialized application. Test to be concurrently completed with interview times on May 17, 6:00pm at the Fulton County OSU Extension Office.

Other Fulton County Royalty

  • Junior Fair King and Queen: Interview date and time to be announced by Junior Fair Board (August).
  • Commodity Royalty: Pork Queen (June), Beef Queen (August 1), and Dairy Ambassador (early February). Please directly contact the commodity groups for specific information about their royalty contests.

2023 Quality Assurance Updates

It is MANDATORY for ALL Fulton County Junior Fair animal exhibitors (including breeding animals) to attend Quality Assurance class each year. If you do not attend a QA session, you are ineligible to exhibit at the Fulton County Fair. The Ohio Department of Agriculture minimum standards are in-person instruction on three pre-determined Good Production Practices with an interactive activity. The instruction is to last at minimum one hour and is to be repeated annually. QA classes are listed below, some require pre-registration and those instructions are at the end of the post. If you intend to complete QA at a state 4-H livestock clinic, check with the Fulton County 4-H Educator if it will quality for QA credit in the county. Mandatory sessions are for new and returning 4-H/FFA animal project members wanting to exhibit any animal at the fair.

Date Type Time Location Presenter
March 16, 2023 (Thurs) Zoom 6:30 pm Zoom Teresa Johnson

Defiance County

March 25, 2023 (Sat) In Person 10:00 AM Paulding Co Extension Michael Schweinsberg

Paulding County

April 6, 2023: (Thurs) Zoom 6:30 pm Zoom Sara Lewis

Fulton County

April 11, 2023: (Tues) In Person

Don’t need to pre-register

6:00 pm Archbold High School Lecture Hall Ryan Sell

Archbold FFA

April 19, 2023: (Weds) In Person

Don’t need to pre-register

3:30 pm Fayette High School Kalley Schaefer

Fayette FFA

April 24, 2023: (Mon) In Person 7:00 pm Gillette Building Williams Co Fairgrounds Jessica Runkel

Williams County

May 10, 2023: (Wed) In Person 3:30 pm Tinora Elementary Teresa Johnson

Defiance County

May 11, 2023: (Thurs) In Person 6:30 pm Crossroads Church Napoleon Morgan Parcher

Henry County

May 11, 2023: (Thurs) In Person

Don’t need to pre-register

7:30 pm Pettisville Jr. High Gym John Poulson

Pettisville FFA

May 18, 2023: (Thurs) In Person 6:30 pm Fulton Co Extension Wauseon Sara Lewis

Fulton County

All 4-H Quality Assurance trainings must be completed by June 1st. Quality Assurance Sessions will only be held at club meetings if a club volunteer received QA Assistant Instructor Certification by completing training for the current year.

Horse QA will be conducted online through EquiSTEP, by each individual exhibitor, in accordance with Ohio Horse 4-H curriculum. Horse QA only allows youth to show horses at the fair. It will not certify you for other fair animals. June 1st deadline.

Dog project members have two options to certify for quality assurance. 1) attend one of the Quality Assurance Sessions listed above; 2) view the videos shown at the annual Dog Kick Off event; or 3) check out and view “Safety Around Dogs” video. Dog Quality Assurance only allows for youth to show dogs at the fair. It will not certify you for other fair animals. June 1st deadline.

REMINDER: Quality assurance is not required for youth taking pet care projects such as guinea pigs, cats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, rats, chinchillas, ferrets, hedgehogs, and pet rabbits. These animals do not exhibit at the fair.

2023 Good Production Practices (GPPs) to be covered:

  • GPP 1-Use an Appropriate Veterinarian/Client/Patient Relationship (VCPR) as the Basis for Medication Decision-Making
  • GPP 3-Use Antibiotics Responsibly
  • GPP 6-Establish Effective Animal Identification, Medication Records, and Withdrawal Time
  • Taught each year GPP 9-Ethics & Welfare, Food Safety & Regulations, and GPP 10-Continued Improvement

Registration and Other Instructions

QA registration and additional neighboring county dates and info can be found at All of these sessions will be accepted as QA certification, some are in-person, some are virtual. IF YOU ATTEND QA OUT-OF-COUNTY, IT IS THE EXHIBITOR’S RESPONSIBILITY TO HAVE THEIR CERTIFICATE TURNED IN NO LATER THAN JUNE 1, 2023 TO THE FULTON COUNTY OSU EXTENSION OFFICE.

QA requirements can also be completed through your community club, if eligible.



Are you a volunteer and know you are going to be active in 2023? Are you a youth and already know a 4-H project that you plan to take in 2023? Go ahead and GET YOUR ENROLLMENT COMPLETED! 4-H enrollment is completed through 4-HOnline ( In order to be eligible for competition/awards and to be allowed to sell a market animal through the “donation” sale, enrollment must be completed by April 1, 2023 11:59pm. All projects may be dropped through June 1, 2023.

FFA members ONLY will enroll and select projects via an online survey at with guidance and support from their FFA Advisor.

For assistance with 4-H enrollment and step-by-step videos and guides, please visit:



**Important notes for returning members/families/volunteers** DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT!! You will use the same log-in credentials as were used during the 2022 enrollment process. In the event that you cannot recall your password, enter your current family email and click the “Reset Password” button and proceed following given instructions. Please contact the OSU Extension office if you no longer use or have access to the family email account used to set up your registration so we can get the information updated. You can add projects to your registration until April 1, but cannot delete them once submitted. If you need to drop a project (before June 1), you will need to contact Pam (419-337-9210 or

Please make sure that your contact information (phone, address, email) is correct. You have the ability to log back into your 4-Honline account and update your information throughout the year. We will use the information in your profile as the primary means of communication, particularly via emails, for information, updates, and other 4-H happenings.

As before, Club Organizational Leaders will have access to view club member enrollments and information once their profiles are active. Volunteers cannot reactivate their account without enrolling (completing the YAP training and completing your background check if it’s your year to do so). If you have any 4-HOnline or enrollment questions, please contact Pam.

Virtual Career Night: Hosted by Wyoming 4-H

Have you ever thought about being a zoo keeper, a chef, a police dog trainer, doing livestock embryo transfer, an electrician or even being a doctor? Then this event is for YOU! Join us to explore a variety of career options and get your questions answered about what degree do you need, should you do an internship, what you need to do in high school to get ready for a career and much more! We will have door prizes we are giving away and lots of fun to be had throughout the evening. Join us March 21 at 6pm (MST) for a fun evening of exploring careers.  For more information and to register for this free event go to: