Semester Reflection

Before the school year started, I was very nervous as to what I would face going into the college lifestyle. Through the Biological Sciences Scholars program I was able to find people I connected with easily. My transition to OSU was made a thousand times easier because of scholars. As a peer-mentor and student leader, I have grown more in taking responsibility for myself and making tougher decisions. My experiences in scholars have opened my perspective on the world. Scholars gives me the opportunity to explore different activities I’ve never tried before, such as canoeing and walking for heart disease. This semester I have experienced many new things and I am excited to see what opportunities I encounter next semester!

Moonlight Canoeing

For a scholars event my roommates and I went moonlight canoeing. During this event we were able to grow closer together as friends and were faced with the challenge of using teamwork in order to move the canoes in the water. However, the moving aspect was a struggle for Kristen and I but we were able to get a good laugh out of getting stuck multiple times.


“G.O.A.L.S.” is an acronym the Honors & Scholars program uses to guide our experiences. This encourages us to use our resources on campus to succeed and to utilize them to help others in the community around us and in the world.

Global Awareness:

One of my goals as a scholar is to travel the world. I would like to study abroad and experience different cultures outside of my comfort zone. Being in scholars gives me the opportunities to explore the world. They introduce us various programs that allow us to study abroad. There are also many ways to get involved culturally on campus here at OSU. Many courses and clubs work to teach diversity and introduce global awareness of other cultures to students. I plan on joining many of these clubs and taking courses to learn more about the world.

Original Inquiry:

Research is one of my goals as a student here at OSU, where there are many undergraduate research opportunities as well as options to challenge oneself with the advanced course work offered by the university. Being in the Biological Sciences scholars allows me to be surrounded by a community of science majors, motivating me to get involved with research. Because there are so many opportunities to join a research team on campus, I plan to advance my research knowledge by creating connections with faculty and my peers around me.

Academic Enrichment:

Being in a scholar’s community where everyone has the same interests as you is helpful in being successful. Living in the same building allows us to grow closer as a community and to help each other out in times of academic needs, such as forming last minute study groups. Many of the professors and TA’s for classes offer study sessions and office hours. I plan to use these resources to my advantage to succeed academically. There are also many service trips and scholars events that connect to academics that are presented to us. I would like to try to attend as many of these events to advance my knowledge outside of the classroom.

Leadership Development:

The role of being a leader is very important in my opinion. Being in scholars prepares us to be leaders by helping us to develop the skills needed in order to be a leader in the classroom, community, and in the outside world. Extracurricular activities, such as clubs and sports, on campus also give us the opportunity to obtain leadership roles in the community. I plan on trying to get involved in these activities and to improve in my leadership skills throughout my college career here at OSU.

Service Engagement:

One of the main requirements of being in scholars is community service. With scholars, a multitude of service opportunities are presented before us. I plan on attending as many of the service events as possible. I believe that it is important to get involved and to give back to the community that is less fortunate around us. In the Biological Sciences scholars program, a majority of the students are on a pre-health track. Being surrounded by people who are pre-health and care about helping others is personally motivating to work harder in engaging in community service.


I was given the honor of being my class valedictorian and the opportunity to give a speech at graduation. From this opportunity, I was able to face one of my fears of speaking in front of large audiences. Before, I absolutely loathed public speaking. After this experience, I have been able to grow in my confidence and have learned that I should take risks.

About Me

Hi, my name is Brittaney Fu and I am a freshman at Ohio State. I am a biology major and I am also a part of the Biological Sciences Scholars Program. I am from Franklin, Ohio where I attended Bishop Fenwick High School. In high school, I took many honors and AP classes where I enjoyed challenging myself, especially in my science and math classes. I enjoy spending my time playing violin and piano and volunteering at my local hospital. I am very excited to start my journey here at OSU this year!