Global Awareness and Original Inquiry


Spring Semester of my sophomore year I took three courses that enhanced my global perspective. I took Global Public Health, Medicine in the Ancient World, and the Sociology of Death and Dying. Global Public Health opened my eyes to the reality of public health issues around the world and how differently the same problem may be approached in different areas of the world. Medicine in the Ancient World taught me a lot about where medicine came from. This course was interesting as it showed how there are still similarities in the way we practice medicine today. The Sociology of Death and Dying not only covered basic human reaction to the death and dying process but it also addresses how different cultures and religions face death.


Since the beginning of freshman year, I have been working in a hematology/oncology research lab in the Biomedical Research Tower. This research focused on searching for biomarkers in order to predict if a patient undergoing transplant is likely to develop Graft versus Host Disease and if they are, they would also like to see if they can predict the severity of it. This was an amazing experience and I learned so much. This summer, however, I decided cancer research was not for me and I wanted to find research that I was more passionate about. I do not regret my time in the lab, I learned so many things and I appreciate and have so much respect for everyone who works there. The research and progress being made throughout that building is astonishing and I can’t wait to see what my next step in my research career will be.

About Me

Hi, my name is Emily Fu and I am a freshman at The Ohio State University. I have lived in Columbus, Ohio almost my entire life so attending tOSU has always been a dream of mine. Growing up with parents in the medical field, I have wanted to be a doctor since I was little. I want to be a pediatric surgeon and the future and I feel like OSU is the best place to help me achieve that goal.  I am a member of the Health Science Scholars program and I’m currently majoring in microbiology. The HSS program has already provided me with so many opportunities that will help me on my path to medical school. Another thing about me is that I love music and I’m trying to work towards a minor in music. I love the many opportunities Ohio State has to offer me and I can’t wait to see where the next four years lead me.

Year in Review

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I did my upperclassmen interview with my RA and HSS member, Aaron D’Amore. Aaron is a third year who is on a pre med track. In my interview with Aaron, I learned that he is currently studying for the MCAT. He is prepping for the MCAT by taking classes through Kaplan and he has been taking full length practice tests every Saturday for the past 8 weeks. Aaron is also graduating this semester. He loaded up on credit hours to be able to graduate a year early, he does not necessarily recommend this as he is overwhelmed with a dense course load while also trying to study for the MCAT. Aaron recommends getting involved in undergraduate research and volunteering. Aaron wishes he had done more shadowing and recommends starting early. He also suggests shadowing one or two doctors long term instead of multiple doctors for short periods of time. This would help form relationships with the doctors which is important when its time to get letters of recommendation. Overall, I think talking to Aaron was very helpful and gave me a good idea at what I should be doing now.



For my service requirement first semester I volunteered as a swim timer at the OSU swim meets. Although I was providing service to those who needed it, this experiment was not as fulfilling as I would have liked. It was hard to see how my service was really making a difference in anyone’s life so the day was kind of exhausting. Looking back, I could see how the service the volunteers provided were critical in the production of the event. For second semester, I volunteered in the theatre at my high school. I was involved in the theatre program all throughout high school and the experiences in the program helped build my self confidence and was a key component of what shaped me into the person I am today. My high school puts on a musical every spring and they begin preparing around January. I would go in and watch their rehearsals and give notes on how they could better improve. When it came time for the musical, I filmed and edited the show so the cast could watch the show and be proud of how well their hard work paid off.



Emily Fu

Campus Address
120 West 11th Ave
Columbus, Ohio 43210
Cell: (614)824-0778

Permanent Address
757 Northbridge Lane
Columbus, Ohio 43235

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a medical research assistant position within a university setting.


The Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio
Bachelor of Art/Science Anticipated May 2021
in Microbiology
Music Minor




National Honor Society                                                                                 March 2016
National Honor Society Inductee
• In recognition of Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character

National Latin Exam                                                                                       May 2013-2016
Magna Cum Laude
• In recognition of outstanding score on the National Latin Exam

Bishop Watterson High School                                                                      May 2015
Spirit of Service Award
• In recognition of continuation of service past the service project criteria


Health Science Scholars Program                                                                 August 2017
• Admitted after competitive selection process.
Promotes health education for pre-health careers.
Young Life College August 2017

Student Council                                                                                                 November 2016
PR Chairman/Head of Social Media Team

National Youth Leadership Forum                                                                June 2015
Advanced Medicine Program
• Pre-med leadership forum at Johns Hopkins


• Provided long term childcare for ages newborn to four years old


Garden of Hope                                                                                               September 2017
• Tended to the garden that is open to cancer patients in order to promote healthy eating


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About Me

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