Leadership Class

The CFAES Peer Mentor program has developed a 1-credit course called Peer Mentor Leadership (FAES 3000) and has invited FST Peer Mentors to participate. In a classroom/seminar setting, mentors will develop skills in leadership, student development, academic development, and community building while engaging constructively with aspects of identity and how identity shapes perspective. Peer mentors will learn how to teach fellow students about the opportunities at Ohio State, where to find resources on policies and procedures, and how to help them transition to college.

Weekly Topics include the following: Mentor Philosophy, 9 Dimensions of Wellness, Being an Active Listener, Conflict Management, and Prioritizing

In Autumn 2018, this course will be taught on Mondays from 4:10pm-5:05pm in Howlett Hall 164. For more information, here is a link to the CFAES Peer Mentor Program Information page.

Please note that FST Peer Mentors are not required to take FAES 3000, but are encouraged to consider if this course could fit into your schedule.