Over the year, the Peer Mentor group will host fun events such as…

  • Making food in the Pilot Plants, like apple pies, ice cream, and chips
  • Rock climbing and other activities in the ARC
  • Tours in the Columbus area
  • Attending OSU athletic events

Portioning Cookie Dough Ice Cream into Pints

Weighing Strawberries

Here comes strawberry ice cream!

Crushing Oreos

Stirring in Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough Ice Cream!

And a year end Celebration with Drs. Steve Neal and Sheryl Barringer at the OSU Faculty Club

PLEASE NOTE: For all events occurring in food production facilities (Howlett Pilot Plant, Dairy Pilot Plant, Meat Laboratory, etc.), attendees will be expected to follow GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices). This includes but is not limited to tasks such as wearing closed-toed shoes and hair nets, listening to all faculty and staff instructions, and being aware of your surroundings.


Questions about the FST Peer Mentor program? Do you want to be more involved as a mentee or Peer Mentor? Contact Julie or call at 614-292-8897 for additional information.