Application Details

FST Peer Mentor Application Materials – to be updated during Spring 2022

 We are looking to add new FST Peer Mentors to the program who are excited and passionate about FST, want to share their experiences, and take a leadership role in the department. 

  1. Current Resume  
  2. Current Advising Report – obtained from your Buckeyelink account 
  3.  Anticipated commitments for 2022-2023 academic year, examples: research, internship, employment, student clubs/organizations 

      4.  Answers to the following questions (each response should be 200 words or fewer) 

    •           What would being an FST Peer Mentor mean to you? 
    •           What advice would you give yourself as an incoming freshman, or transfer students) if you could go back in time? 
    •           Describe an interactive event you might plan with mentors and mentees during the year. 
    •           If you were assigned a mentor, describe a positive and negative experience from the program. 

     5. Please provide availability for interview (~10-15 minutes). 


Other questions about the FST Peer Mentor program? Do you want to be more involved as a mentee or Peer Mentor? Contact Julie or call at 614-292-8897 for additional information.