Faculty Info

The Outstanding Faculty You Will Work With This Summer


Valente Alvarez, Professor & Director, Food Industries Center – alvarez.23@osu.edu Dairy and food processing, research, and extension. Industry-related research projects on new technologies, product development, ingredient functionality, product quality, and shelf life. Food safety, GMPs, Better Process Control School (BPCS), and HACCP training.





V.M. (Bala) Balasubramaniam, Professor of Food Engineering –  balasubramaniam.1@osu.edu Application of engineering principles in developing alternative preservation methods (such as high-pressure processing, pressure-ohmic thermal sterilization, high-pressure homogenization) to solve food safety, quality, and nutritional challenges. Food manufacturing plant dry sanitation technologies. Mathematical models for food safety and quality. In-situ sensors for food property research. Process validation of novel preservation technologies. Data Science applications in food processing.




Jessica Cooperstone, Assistant Professor – cooperstone.1@osu.edu Targeted and untargeted metabolomics techniques on plants, foods, and biological samples. Understanding bioactivity in vivo using pre-clinical and human models. Split appointment in Horticulture and Crop Science as well as Food Science and Technology.





Dennis R. Heldman, Dale A. Seiberling Endowed Professor of Food Engineering – heldman.20@osu.edu Food engineering with emphasis on process analysis and design as applied to processes throughout the food supply system. Specific focus on outcomes contributing to maximum conversion of raw materials and ingredients into safe and high-quality food products for consumers. Application of simulation models to ensure food safety and efficient use of natural resources, while improving product quality attributes.




Farnaz Maleky, Associate Professor – maleky.1@osu.edu Nano-Science and physio-chemical properties of food, food material science and engineering, lipids chemistry & structuring fatty food, and mathematical modeling of food systems.






Melvin Pascall, Professorpascall.1@osu.edu Food packaging with emphasis on integrity, modified atmospheric packaging, nanotechnology and plastics, migration/scalping edible packaging, packaging material sanitization, and food safety.






Luis E. Rodriguez-Saona, Professor – rodriguez-saona.1@osu.edu Application of Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-NIR and mid-IR) spectroscopy in the field of food safety and quality assurance. Development of predictive models for the rapid detection, identification, and classification of chemical & microbial contaminants and food components with biological activity.





Christopher T. Simons, Associate Professor simons.103@osu.edu Sensory evaluation and psychophysics. Methodology development. Neural and physiological underpinnings of sensation, reward, and consumer decision. Functional and cognitive benefits of flavors and food ingredients.





Yael Vodovotz, Professorvodovotz.1@osu.edu Bread staling, physico-chemical properties of carbohydrate systems and functional foods, water mobility and functional properties of food components, material properties of biopolymers and bioplastics. Appointment in OSU Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Nutrition & Comprehensive Cancer Center.





Ahmed Yousef, Professor and Bazler Designated Professor in Food Science – yousef.1@osu.edu Food microbiology focusing on decontamination of food with gaseous sanitizers, the discovery of novel antimicrobial preservatives, and safety of food processed by emerging technology.