Year in Review

I am almost done with my first semester at Ohio State, and I have come to love the school. Before going here, I was unsure of which school was the right fit for me, and I have come to realize I made the best possible decision. The opportunities to get involved on campus are endless, though I hope to not overwhelm myself with harder classes, research, rushing, clubs, etc. next semester. The classes I am currently taking are challenging, though I have learned that the amount of work I put into the class will be reflected in my overall grades. I am trying to balance school life with social life, which I think I have figured out. I was lucky this year with finding a roommate whose interests match mine, and we continue to explore the campus each day. I miss my family, though I am happy to be growing independently for the first time in my life. Overall, my first semester at Ohio State has been incredible.


Global Awareness: I would love to go on a mission trip in order to observe both diversity and culture around the world.
Original Inquiry: I will approach my professors and email doctors in order to let them know my interests in hopes of possibly assisting them in research opportunities. I recently was offered a position researching cancer biology spring semester, so I will pursue this chance.
Academic Enrichment: I will work hard in all of my classes by staying organized, and I will also get involved in outside scholarly clubs.
Leadership Development: I will join clubs that interest me and also pertain to my major.
Service Engagement: I will volunteer inside and outside the classroom. I also plan to attend the community commitment each year. Currently, I volunteer through Best Buddies and Pre-Health Club.

One major goal of mine is to get in on research opportunities provided by either professors or doctors. I also hope to achieve all A’s while staying involved in extracurriculars.


This photo depicts myself with two of my buddies from Try Camp, a special needs organization. Each summer for the past four years, I have volunteered with this camp, where I have met amazing new people. These people, such as Tommy and Jake pictured above, have changed my perspective on life. Each day the challenges they face do not stop them from keeping a smile on their face. It has impacted my life and during my time at Ohio State, I have decided to join Best Buddies, another special needs organization.

About Me

My name is Julia Frye, and I am a first year student at The Ohio State University. I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, so I am a huge fan of the Penguins, Steelers, and Pirates. In high school, I was very passionate about volunteering with Try Camp, a local special needs organization. Through my school, I was involved with Student Council, National Honors Society, and Key Club.  Currently, I am pursing a B.S. degree by majoring in biology on the pre-medical track.  I hope to pursue a medical degree but have yet to decide which specific field I would like to go into. During my time at OSU, I plan to research and volunteer at local hospitals. Next semester, I plan on researching cancer biology with Dr. Huebner at the Ohio State Cancer Center.

Senior Photo