Year in Review

[ “Year in Review”  is where you should reflect on the past year and show how you have evolved as a person and as a student.  You may want to focus on your growth in a particular area (as a leader, scholar, researcher, etc.) or you may want to talk about your overall experience over the past year.  For more information, go to: Delete these instructions and add your own post.]


“G.O.A.L.S.” is a place where students write about how their planned, current, and future activities may fit into the Honors & Scholars G.O.A.L.S.: Global Awareness, Original Inquiry, Academic Enrichment, Leadership Development, and Service Engagement.

Global Awareness: Students cultivate and develop their appreciation for diversity and each individual’s unique differences. For example, consider course work, study abroad, involvement in cultural organizations or activities, etc .

I plan on becoming involved with clubs and organizations on or off campus as well as taking classes that have focuses on the diversity of cultures across the global and on current global events. I also plan on traveling globally while in school here whether it be with a study abroad program, a volunteer aid program or just for personal pleasure. In any of these situations I would do my best to immerse myself in and learn from the culture and lifestyle of the people around me.
Original Inquiry: Honors & Scholars students understand the research process by engaging in experiences ranging from in-class scholarly endeavors to creative inquiry projects to independent experiences with top researchers across campus and in the global community. For example, consider research, creative productions or performances, advanced course work, etc.

I am currently working in the lab of Dr. Jay Hollick which specializes in paramutations in corn. As of now I am only able to help with the research projects of others but once I gain further experience I hope to be granted permission to begin my own project. Until that time I will continue to learn as much as I can from my experiences and record any inquiries that I might have in the event that I decide to pursue them.
Academic Enrichment: Honors & Scholars students pursue academic excellence through rigorous curricular experiences beyond the university norm both in and out of the classroom.

I plan on taking advantage of as many honors courses as I am able so as to enrich my learning environment and my depth of knowledge on topics. I also plan on taking courses which may not because they necessarily pertain to my major but because they interest me and I would enjoy knowing more about the topic.
Leadership Development: Honors & Scholars students develop leadership skills that can be demonstrated in the classroom, in the community, in their co-curricular activities, and in their future roles in society.

As stated before I plan on becoming involved in clubs and organizations while here. Once involved I will contribute as much as possible and do my best to assume a position of leadership if allowed. In the lab I will do my best to teach others ideas and procedures which are taught to me if it is deemed appropriate so that everyone involved can have a better understanding of what is happening. If granted the opportunity to pursue my own area of inquiry I will make sure to clearly outline everything I expect of people which may be helping me in my research while also helping them to understand what it is I am doing.
Service Engagement: Honors & Scholars students commit to service to the community.

Again as said before I plan on becoming involved in clubs and organizations, some of which will serve the community. I plan on being a part of services trips to areas of the city, state, country or world that need aid. By volunteering in Dr. Hollick’s lab I am gaining experience for myself but am also contributing to the world’s knowledge and understanding on how paramutations work. I also often volunteer to be a participant in health and psychological studies to help expand the world’s knowledge in these fields as well.


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[Artifacts are the items you consider to be representative of your academic interests and achievements. For each entry, include both an artifact and a detailed annotation.  An annotation is a reflective description of the artifact that attempts to communicate its significance.  For more information, go to: Delete these instructions and add your own post.]

About Me

[Your “About Me” is an introduction and should provide insight into who you are as a person and a learner.  This should include a picture of you that is appropriate in a professional/academic context. This information should be continually updated.  For more information, go to:  Delete these instructions and add your own post.]