Spray Guides

The intelligent sprayer that was developed by Ohio State University and the USDA-Agricultural Research Service researchers is currently being validated for use in grapes and apples.

Spray Guides

Please contact Dr. Melanie Lewis Ivey if you have any questions about the material provided in the spray guides.  Any fungicide recommendations included in the OSU guides are specific to Ohio and only guaranteed to be valid for the year that the guides were published.  Always consult the fungicide label to confirm that recommended fungicides are still registered for use in Ohio.

OSU Blueberry Spray Guide  2017
OSU Grape Spray Guide  2020 2019  2018  2017
OSU Hop Spray Guide   2019  2018
Strawberry Spay Guides  Kentucky State University  Small Fruit Consortium 2019
Midwest Fruit Pest Management Guide 2019-2020

Fungicide Resistance Management

A spray program should be thoughtfully developed to prevent and slow the development of fungicide or antibiotic resistant pathogens in the planting.  In addition to the information on fungicide resistance in the OSU spray guides the following resources are available on fungicide and antibiotic resistance.

Pesticide Stewardship Manual

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