Please contact Dr. Melanie Lewis Ivey if you have any questions about the material provided in the presentations.  Any fungicide recommendations included in the presentations are specific to Ohio and only guaranteed to be valid for the year that the presentations were given.  Always consult the fungicide label to confirm that recommended fungicides are still registered for use in Ohio.

2022 Presentations

2022 Master Gardener Program: Fruit Diseases in Your arden and Landscape

2022 Bines to Steins Ohio Hop Conference: Major, Minor, and Emerging Diseases of Hop

2022 Greenstar Cooperative Fruit and Vegetable Grower Meeting: Fire Blight Management 2022

2022 Wine and Grape Conference: Feasibility Analysis of Four Automated Equipment for Operations in Vineyards (Presented by Dr. Guil Signorini, Dept. Horticultural and Crop Sciences)

2022 Fruit Grower Marketing Association (FGMA) Winter Meeting: 2021 Apple Diseases Program Update

2022 Ohio Produce Network: NEWA 3.0 – Making the Most of Apple Disease Warning Systems

2022 Ohio Produce Network: Validation of Laser Validation of Laser Guided Intelligent Sprayer Technology for Apples

2021 Presentations

2021 Winter Grape School: 2020 Grape Disease Update

2021 High Tunnel School: Applying Pesticides in Enclosed Production Environments

2021 Ohio Produce Network: 2020 Apple Diseases: A Year in Review

2020 Presentations

2020 Blueberry and Caneberry Program: Blueberry and Blackberry Diseases

2020 Hop Virtual Field Day: Cross-over Diseases of Hop and Hemp

2020 Viticulture Sip and Chat Sessions: Grape Abiotic Disorders

AgMadness 2020 (Fruit and Vegetable Bracket): AgMadness 2020 Small Fruit Diseases

2020 Winter Grape School: Fungicide Resistance Management- Best Practices (multiple page view)  OR Fungicide Resistance Management- Best Practices (full page view)

2020 GreenStar Cooperative Fruit and Vegetable Grower Meeting: Apple Diseases and Management-Past, Present, and Future

2020 Ohio Produce Network: Managing Apple Fruit Rots in Ohio

2020 Ohio Produce Network: Managing Fire Blight Using a Risk Assessment Model and NEWA

2020 Wine and Grape Conference: Changing Climate, Changing Diseases- Are We Ready?

2020 Wine and Grape Conference Fungicide Resistance Workshop: Grape Downy Mildew Management

2020 Pesticide Recertification Program (Akron, OH): Integrated Disease Management of Fruit Crops

2019 Presentations

2019 Southern Ohio Specialty Crop Conference: Soilborne Diseases of Strawberry

2019 Southern Ohio Specialty Crop Conference: Apple Fruit Rot Diseases

2019 Hop Conference: Hop Viruses and Viroids

2018 Presentations

2018 Mahoning County Fruit and Vegetable School: Fruit Disease Management

2018 Mahoning County Fruit and Vegetable School: Irrigation Water-Keeping it Clean

2018 Grape School:  Disease Management in The Vineyard

2018 Wine and Grape Conference: Establishing an IPM Program in a New Vineyard

2018 OSU Hop Conference: Prevention and Management of Hop Diseases


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