Blueberry Leaf Rust (2016)
 Leaf rust can cause premature defoliation of affected bushes. Over time, and if not properly managed, bushes slowly decline and produce fewer marketable berries. (PLPATH-FRU-43)

Fruit Rots of Blueberry
    Fruit rot of blueberry is a serious problem throughout the United States. Alternaria fruit rot is the most common and severe postharvest rot of blueberry, although it can be seen in the field on overripe fruit. (PLPATH-FRU-44)

Mummy Berry of Blueberry
    Mummy berry is one of the most serious diseases of blueberry. Once the disease becomes established in a planting, it can destroy most of the crop. Losses result from: (1) rotted berries; and (2) killed or blighted blossoms and young shoots. (PLPATH-FRU-46)

Phomopsis Twig Blight of Blueberry
Phomopsis twig blight may be the most common canker disease of blueberries. This disease has the potential to severely decrease yields, particularly on susceptible varieties. (PLPATH-FRU-24)


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