Looking at my current goals in life they all tend to revolve around finding what makes me happy. I am currently a Public Affairs Major and am becoming more socially and globally aware of what is happening in the world. In class I am finding what policy motivates me and what kind of change I want to make. I am constantly paying attention to what is going on in the news and contemplating what can be done to fix various problems that are plaguing the world. This is motivating me to make change in the world because I want to make the world a better place. Global awareness is something that tends to be important to which, like stated, is partially related to my area of study. I also am going to find myself abroad twice within the upcoming years. One will be Summer of 2018 when I will be interning in Israel. I will be learning about various cultures and connecting with other people in other countries  in the Middle Eastern Area. After that, I plan on studying abroad in Australia to further become more globally aware. Each of these aspects furthers my goal of attaining happiness.

While I am studying public affairs and learning about government in various aspects I also have an intense passion for the arts. Currently, I am interning at the Short North Stage to learn more about managing a nonprofit and fueling my passion for the arts. It took time for me to accept my passion for the arts but once I did I found external places to bring about a new sense of knowledge for the arts. In summer of 2017 I learned that I had to follow my arts passion when I interned at Rosie’s Theater Kids in NYC. Now, like I said, am continuing to find new perspectives on the field of the arts. My interest and involvement is a part of the original inquiry of G.O.A.L.S.  I hope to continue to use this with my future endeavors in the arts which adds to my overall goal of finding happiness.

My internship and other internships that I have had had all played into academic enrichment because it is teaching me various transferrable skills that I can take to school and other workplaces. Not only that, I pride myself with my diverse academic load. I am a public affairs major with a specialization in nonprofit with a minor in theater. I have to put an immense amount of work into my academics while highly involved outside of school I value all the course work that I have and enjoy learning about all of it. Like stated before, the work put in here plays into my overall goal of happiness.

In and out of class I am always developing my leadership skills. Whether this is in Mount Leadership Society Scholars or through taking up leadership positions in organizations I am in. I am currently a committee chair for the Leadership Training Committee in Mount and work on various leadership events. I also take leadership on tasks that I do individually and create new opportunities for myself. I am constantly striving to find new ways to develop my leadership because you can never stop growing as a leader. I value leadership immensely and the leadership positions I take help bring about new opportunities and allow my goals to grow even more.

Lastly, I value service immensely which is evident because my scholars program revolves heavily around leadership. This past year I found myself volunteering at E. Broad Street After School Program where I helped mentor students from grades K-8. On top of that I find myself working on various service projects throughout the year whether that be organized through my fraternity or Mount or an outside organization. Looking at each aspect of G.O.A.L.S. they all play into my overall goal of finding happiness.



  • Office Assistant at The Ohio State University
    • Aug. 2017 – Present
      • Serves the Residence’s of the building
      • Customer Service including: phone, mail, and various cleaning supplies
      • Nurtures a welcoming atmosphere in the building
  • Intern at Short North Stage
    • Jan. 2018 – Present
      • Advertises
      • Works on creating videos for advertisements
      • Manages Budget
  • Temple Assistant and Substitute
    • Sept. 2013 – Dec. 2017
      • Taught 4th graders Jewish Literature and how to read Hebrew
      • Worked in the office and organized various items
      • Skills: Communication, Teach, Taking Initiative, Organization, Collaboration
  • Intern at Rosie’s Theater Kids
    • June 2017 – Aug. 2017
      • Office Work
      • Created Playbills for productions
      • Lighting Design for productions
      • Taught lessons regarding the theme of the show to students
  • Office Manager and Counselor at the Pineda Conservatory for Performing Arts
    • June 2013 – July 2017
      • Managed ticket sales, DVD sales and managed money
      • Created the playbill for each production
      • Decorated the lobby to create a welcoming environment
      • Handled company phone
      • Assistant Director for some shows
      • Skills: Organization, Customer Service, Independent, Money Management, Microsoft Proficient (Word, Excel, Publisher, Power Point), Leadership



These videos are representative of my time working at the Short North Stage. Here I am learning about marketing while pursuing my passion for the arts. I get to work with a variety of amazing people who can teach me an extreme amount about the arts field, management, and various life skills. I started interning here in January of 2018 and with all the hard work that I put into my internship they offered me a job to work on their production of Hair which runs from April 4th-29th. I am excited to work spotlight for Hair and I hope that I can continue my work here at the Short North Stage next year while learning new skills.

About Me

Alexander is a second year at The Ohio State University majoring in Public affairs with a specialization in Nonprofit Management. He likes to challenge himself in his studies and is passionate about leadership and the arts.