• Global Awareness: For me, global awareness means that I finish each year with more experience of other’s cultures than I started with. To become more globally aware I want to interact and study more with the international students. If possible, I also want to do research or study abroad; however, this is difficult to due because of expenses related to travel. I also want to take classes that introduce me to other cultures in the world.
  • Original Inquiry: For me, original inquiry means learning through methods other than attending lectures and classes. To achieve this, I want to do research in my junior and senior year. Even if the research I do is not groundbreaking, experiencing research myself will help me understand and learning in different ways.
  • Academic Enrichment: For me, academic enrichment ties in closely with global awareness and original inquiry. I want to enrich my academic experience by taking intensive classes that introduce me to other cultures and ideas from around the world. I also want to tie in research I do to classes I take to help me develop a better understanding of those classes.
  • Leadership Development: I want to further my leadership development by getting more involved in residential life. Whether that consists of becoming an RA, joining hall council, or other residence life activities, I would love to be more involved in residence life to further my leadership development.
  • Service Engagement: There are a few different service activities that interest me. In high school, I was very involved in special olympics, and I would love to continue to volunteer with special olympics. However, there are a lot of other service opportunities on campus that are interesting. I could volunteer at the planetarium, or do other more academic volunteer opportunities.  There are so many volunteer opportunities around campus, and I would love to do any of them.

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