“Free Will in Early Modern Philosophy”

A Mini-Conference

on Saturday, April 19th, 2014

Department of Philosophy, The Ohio State University

347 University Hall




9.00–9.10 am                         Welcoming Remarks

9.10–10.10 am                        Kevin Wutke (OSU), “Dependence and Obligation in Hobbes’s Leviathan.

Commentary: Mauro Corneli (OSU); Chair: Jennifer Asselin

10.20–11.20 am                     James Fritz (OSU), “The Situationist Challenge to Humean Morality.”

Commentary: Paul Robinson (OSU); Chair: Evan Woods

11.30–12.30 pm                   Dan Giglio (OSU), “Hume, James, and Moral Arguments Concerning Necessity.”

Commentary: Jerilyn Tinio (OSU); Chair: Hope Sample

Lunch Break

2.00–3.00 pm                    Juan Garcia (OSU), “Reid on Character, Power, and Possibility.”

Commentary: Eric De Araujo (OSU); Chair: Matthew McCall

3.10–4.10 pm                    Jennifer Asselin (OSU), “Developing Developed Freedom: Difficulties for the Free Will Accounts of Reid and Kant.”

Commentary: Evan Woods (OSU); Chair: Paul Robinson

Coffee Break

5.00–6.30 pm                   Keynote Address: Kate Abramson (Indiana University)

“Dear Rationalists, No That Won’t Work Either: Hume on Natural Abilities, Virtues and the Self-Government Condition.”

Chair: Hope Sample

7.30 pm                            Reception/dinner for conference participants (location TBA)


For more information, contact Julia Jorati (jorati [dot] 1 [at] osu [dot] edu)

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