Module 7: Building Motivation

Through Module 7, you learn new methods of motivation for in and out of the academic environment. I feel that one of the most useful ideas i found in this module was the soundtracks of white sound, i found this so useful because before finding this white sound i would listen to my normal music that i would probably listen to in the gym which definitely shouldn’t be listening to the same kind of music as i would in the gym if i’m trying to study for school. I first began using the white sound generator “nosil” this past tuesday I , first only used it for short study sessions then progressively used it longer and longer. One of the most interesting ideas i found from this module is to turn your phone off while studying I never realized that every little text message i get while studying i would read. If i had to give any advice to fellow students that pertains tho this module i would say to try and eliminate distractions while trying to learn and this module gives you many tools and ideas on how you can  eliminate those distractions with tools like, freedom, self control, and cold turkey.

Module 5

Overall module 5 had a theme of making sure you take notes correctly and efficiently, they show you how to do this buy giving you different strategies to take notes such as: cornell, or bulletin points which I personally thought were the best methods for myself. As well as giving the audience new note taking methods it gives you ways to improve your overall learning in the classroom while taking notes this is what they call active listening. Active listening begins with taking good notes and as you take these notes you want to begin to find the main points of the class or lecture for the day, while finding the main points you also should try to predict or anticipate what the professor will say next. From this module I hope I start using the note taking methods that I learned and incorporate them into my everyday learning, this also was one of the most useful things that I had learned, before this module I had already knew about active listening and bullet point style note taking I feel that the cornell style notes that was shown in the video will be one of the most important things that I can use in the future.

Module 4 Online Learning Strat

Module 4 was based around the different readings that you will have to access in college including forms of reading such as: articles, blog posts, and e-books. With all these various types of reading this module gives you a multitude of ways to organize and engage yourself with what you intend to read. One way that caught my eye to enhance my comprehension while reading is the SQ3R reading method which calls for “skimming’ over  what you intend to read, then writing down future questions you may have and answering those questions by actually reading the text and looking for those specific answers.Finally the three “R’s” are to actually read the text. The second “R” is to recite the reading, in this case it is encouraged to talk to yourself about what you just read, you may also take notes of what you just read into your own words.The final “R” is to review your notes and highlight what you think was important, it may also help by talking to a fellow classmate that read the same article, blog , or e-book about what you read. 


Part two of the module intrigued me because there are many times I find myself after reading an assigned reading and not actually grasping or understanding what I read after the fact this section explains the different types of memory such as: Sensory, Working-memory, and long term memory. Overall I felt this Module was very helpful in showing me new way of making sure I fully understand any reading that I need to do for any class.

Module 3

Overall this module was mainly focused on how to overcome your procrastination, the module gives you tons of ways on how you can procrastinate less. Some ways that it includes are: The 10 minute rule, making a google calendar, and time tracking, all of these i think are very beneficial.

One strategy that I plan on integrating into my life is “The 10-minute rule” where you break down a seemingly difficult long task into 5-10 minute blocks. Another strategy I hope to implement in my life is time tracking so that I can be “distracted” by my phone and or friends but i have those free times planned. I feel that using these strategies will help me manage my time a lot better. This upcoming week I will apply what I learned from the module lesson to enhance my time management, by following my time tracking document. I will also be trying the 10-minute rule on one of the assignments that is due next for this class.

I hope that some students are able to take away at least one of the methods i mentioned or the module mentioned to defeat there own procrastination which will eventually lead into becoming a overall better student.

Module 2 Blog Post

Throughout module 2 which was primarily made to inform students of online communication and collaboration  skills I learned many new methods of online communication and collaboration which include things such as: when communicating online it is important to realize that your audience cannot see your face or physical hear your voice and tone, which means you should try to avoid all capitalized letters, sarcasm and slang because it may be interpreted incorrectly by its intended audience.The best way to avoid these mistakes which I learned from Adam Neumann’s video in the module is to not act as if Digital and Physical interactions are diffrent but assume that the person you are trying to contact is right in front of you.

Besides communication this module went over collaboration, when talking about online collaboration it is important to know that it is vital for what ever group and or partner project you are working on that all parties involved are able to work on the document, This is easily attained by working together in the “cloud”  which will allow you to do things such as : leave messages, assign tasks, or even create a to do list.Lastly and most importantly the module gave me some online programs that will benefit students those programs are “trello”, “one-note”, and “slack”