Lesson 1: The World of Edible Plants

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Eat The Whole Plant

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Deliciously Edible Plant Parts

Tasting Suggestion: For the six Plant Part Tasting activities, provide samples of the following foods at different stations (all rinsed and ready-to-eat): canned chickpeas/ garbanzo beans (seed), broccoli florets (flower), zucchini slices (fruit), celery sticks (stem), green leaf lettuce (leaf), and carrot sticks (root). Provide each student with a paper plate, a plastic fork or toothpick, and a napkin. Alternate options may be used if the above are not available: sunflower seeds (seed), cauliflower (flower), melon (fruit), asparagus (stem), romaine lettuce (leaf), and beet* (root). *Beets for tasting should be cooked ahead of time, or use canned beets.