#1 January 2022: MyPlate New Year’s Challenge!

Welcome to the MyPlate New Year's Challenge | USDA


The MyPlate Team welcomes you to 2022 with a fun MyPlate New Year’s Challenge! The MyPlate Team created a 5-week challenge chart, encouraging you to focus on adding a new food group to your diet each week, as well as increasing your overall physical activity.

The first food group featured in the Challenge is the Dairy Food Group. Dairy foods include all fluid milk products as well as foods made from milk that retain their calcium content, like cheese and yogurt. Calcium-fortified soymilk (soy beverage) is also part of the Dairy Group. Calcium is a mineral that helps us to build bones and teeth and maintain bone mass. Choosing low-fat or fat-free dairy options helps lower your intake of saturated fat.

Making small changes to your daily beverage choices can be an easy and achievable way to reach the daily recommended 3 cups of low-fat or fat-free dairy! As you participate in your own MyPlate New Year’s Challenge this week, try to choose beverages that help you stay hydrated and limit your intake of added sugars and saturated fat:

  • Include milk or calcium-fortified soymilk (soy beverage) as a beverage at mealtimes.
  • If you drink cappuccinos or lattes, ask for them with fat-free (skim) milk and skip the “whip”.
  • Make a smoothie with fat-free or low-fat milk and/or fat-free yogurt.

Check out this video for more #MyPlateMyWins for Beverages:

Physical activity also is a key component of a healthier you! Make small changes at the start of your day to increase your physical activity, such as getting off the bus a stop early, parking further away from work, or taking the steps instead of an elevator. For more ideas on how to be active visit the USDA’s resource page on exercise-and-fitness

Small changes make a big difference in the long run! For more ideas on incorporating fat-free and low-fat dairy in your day, check out recipes on Celebrate Your Plate!

Download the PDF: Stepping into the New Year with MyPlate!

Download the PDF: Resolutions Into Solutions

Franklin County & COVID-19


January 2022:
COVID-19 cases are surging in Franklin County, the majority of cases are the highly contagious Omicron variant. People should continue to wear masks in public settings, wash hands, keep a safe distance from others and most importantly, get vaccinated. Everyone ages 5 years and older can help protect themselves from COVID-19 by getting vaccinated. We encourage a vaccine booster dose for those who are eligible. View the calendar to see our clinic times or make an appointment.

The CDC recently updated the quarantine and isolation guidelines. Click here to read more about what this means for people exposed or infected with COVID-19. Continue to check back to our website and social media for the most up-to-date information. For more on Omicron, visit the CDC’s website.