Lesson #7 Healthy Holiday Swaps & Recipe Spotlight on Turkey!

November 2021

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“Healthy Holiday Swaps”

Amanda Johnson, Master of Dietetics and Nutrition (MDN) Class of 2022

Healthy Holiday Handouts!

5 Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays

Turkey Basics

Let’s Talk Turkey!

Food Safety Tips for Your Holiday Turkey

Top 10 Tips: Healthier Holiday Choices

MyPlate Holiday Makover

Turkey Recipes!

Turkey Cranberry Wrap (Video) https://celebrateyourplate.org/recipes/turkey-cranberry-wrap

Healthy, Thrifty Thanksgiving Menu https://snaped.fns.usda.gov/nutrition-education/healthy-thrifty-holiday-menus/thanksgiving

Turkey Apple Breakfast Sausage (Video) https://celebrateyourplate.org/recipes/turkey-apple-breakfast-sausage

Broccoli Salad with Turkey https://celebrateyourplate.org/recipes/broccoli-salad

Let’s Talk Turkey

Video Credit/FoodHero.org

Learn About Protein Foods: 

Video Credit/FoodHero.org

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