Welcome OSU Dietetic Intern, Delaney Feighan!

Hello, Everyone!

My name is Delaney Feighan and I am a dietetic intern with The Ohio State University. I am currently doing one of my community rotations with OSU Extension Franklin County’s SNAP-Ed Program. Coming into my internship, I had a strong interest in community nutrition, especially women and children’s nutrition, and my rotation here has only increased that interest!

This week I had the opportunity to join SNAP-Ed Program Assistant, Angie Greene, at the Prairie Township Farmers’ Market to talk to the community about ways to get low-fat and fat-free dairy into their diet. We prepared a Hummus Dip (with chickpeas as a protein base) and a Southwestern Dip (with yogurt as a dairy base) for people to taste-test and vote on their favorite! This was a great opportunity to talk with the community, provide information on our classes, and encourage healthful dairy intake. To my surprise, the southwestern dip won, as I am a huge hummus fan, but the people have spoken!

Dietetic Intern Delaney Feighan at The Prairie Township Farmers’ Market


Dueling Dips! Market shoppers voted for Celebrate Your Plate’s Southwestern Dip as the market favorite over the Hummus Dip!

Photo Credit/Celebrate Your Plate’s Southwestern Dip


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    • Thank you, Angie, for the comment, pictures, and opportunity to join your programming at The Prairie Township Farmers’ Market!

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