My First Semester At OSU

My first semester at THE Ohio State University was a whirlwind of ups and downs. First, my downs. I started to experience loneliness and depression a few weeks after fall break. I’m not sure what prompted it for sure, but I started skipping class and not wanting to see anyone or do anything but sleep. I felt like I didn’t have any friends, and I still sort of feel like that. My entire life friends always “made me” instead of me having to make friends… now I’m not really sure how to do it. Another down is my roomate. I hear her talk about her ‘friends’ in very negative and judgemental ways on a daily basis. This makes me uncomfortable in my room because if she’s like that to her friends, who knows how she is judging me. Also, our room isn’t split 50/50, it’s more like 30/70 because she won’t loft her bed so all of her furniture is all over the room. It makes me feel like I don’t have a place on campus where I can go, be myself, and just relax. I reached out to my family and friends and they’ve helped me. I even saw a doctor who prescribed me some antidepressants.

So far, this entry has been quite the downer, but in no way has my semester been one. In fact, I love it here so much and wouldn’t leave for anything. My classes are going swimmingly, and I’ve even aced three midterms! I love all the activity campus has to offer, it keeps me busy. Sometimes, on a nice day I’ll be walking to class and I just can’t stop smiling as I walk past other students and explore campus. Being here makes me feel like a part of something bigger than myself. I also joined Athletic Band, which has presented so many incredible opportunities with really cool people. We performed Script on ice at a hockey game and two Cavs games, and even played at the Skull session for the Nebraska game. Then there’s Columbus. I adore this town. On a weekly basis my boyfriend and I go out and find a cool new restaurant, or art, or store to explore.

As for Humanities Scholars, I couldn’t be more grateful. The few new friends I do have are all in it too. I love that we are involved with so many cool events that I wouldn’t even know about otherwise. I could probably talk about the Chicago trip for days. I had never been there before, and it was honestly one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. It actually helped me decide to stay in my major, anthropology. We were at the field museum and Paige (my best friend here) and I decided to go through the evolution exhibit. It was like Christmas morning for a little kid. I wanted to see everything, heart racing with excitement. Then I actually realized how I felt, and realized that this was my major. I’m sad there will no longer be a class meeting time, it sort of feels like a little family reunion each week. I want to be involved in Humanities Scholars in the future semesters for certain so I can make some friends (fingers crossed) and be exposed to all of the wonderful things Ohio State, and Columbus, has to offer for me.

“But Out”

“But Out”

Alie Frank

I’d like to exercise at the RPAC more, but I think it’s boring and difficult.

I’d like to exercise at the RPAC more, and I think it’s boring and difficult. So I need to find an entertaining exercise class to keep me motivated.


I’d like to be better friends with my roommate, but don’t like staying in my dorm for long.

I’d like to be better friends with my roommate, and I don’t like staying in my dorm for long. So I need to invite her to go places with me to eat or study.


I’d like to eat healthier, but junk food is tasty and easier to buy with the meal plan.

I’d like to eat healthier, and junk food is tasty and easier to buy with the meal plan. So I need to find places on campus to purchase fruits and vegetables and eat at least one of each every day.


I’d like to practice my flute more, but I’m self conscious about people hearing me play.

I’d like to practice my flute more, and I’m self conscious about people hearing me play. So I need to find a practice room where there is more privacy near my dorm.


I’d like to spend more time with my boyfriend, but I have a lot of homework.

I’d like to spend more time with my boyfriend, and I have a lot of homework. So I need to go to the library where we can work on our homework together.

Humans of OSU

“For a long time, having  crush on boys, going to dances or being asked out felt really weird to me. It wasn’t until sophomore year in high school that I came to the conclusion I am gay. I didn’t tell anyone, mostly in fear of my parents who are catholic, especially my dad. I pretended to be straight , telling my mom about the “boy” I had a crush on, and even going to homecoming with him. But it started to wear me down, living a lie is exhausting. It also strained my relationship with my mom. Eventually, I told two of my closest friends, and to my surprise, they were happy for me. I figured they’d be accepting, but it was amazing when they were actually glad to know the true me and honored that I would tell them. Slowly but surely I told more of my friends, and even started talking to a girl I liked. As much as the support of my friends helped, it was still hard to be at home and have nobody know… so I told my older brothers who just laughed and teased me in the typical older brother way that meant everything was going to be alright. A while later, I decided to tell my mom. We were in the car and she drove in silence for about a minute. The first thing she said was ‘don’t tell your dad.’ which was a bit of a blow but I honestly expected worse. Then she said, ‘You’re my daughter and I will love you no matter what, even if I don’t agree.’ This made me want to cry, but in a good way. Even though she wasn’t necessarily happy or accepting of my homosexuality she didn’t try to argue with me, convince me to change or yell at me in any way. Coming from a strict catholic mother, this was the best reaction I could have expected. As for my dad, I don’t think I’ll ever tell him, at least not until I live on my own. He truly despises the LGBT community and my mother and brothers agree he’d probably kick me out. Nonetheless, I’m still his little girl and the support of my friends and family has really helped me to discover who I am.”


Year in Review

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Global Awareness: Students cultivate and develop their appreciation for diversity and each individual’s unique differences. For example, consider course work, study abroad, involvement in cultural organizations or activities, etc .
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Academic Enrichment: Honors & Scholars students pursue academic excellence through rigorous curricular experiences beyond the university norm both in and out of the classroom.
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About Me

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