This semester I had the chance to go to my first Buckeyethon at the Ohio Union and it was an incredible experience. My goal when I went tho Buckeyethon was to stay the whole 12 hour shift that I had signed up for. I was a part of the HSS team and I was decked out in all purple! One of my favorite things about this experience was that I signed up for this event and had no friends going into it and leaving after the full 12 hours i had gained so many friends! I mean what an experience to share with someone, dancing for 12 hours for such a great cause! I will be doing Buckeyethon again in the years to come!


One event that i really enjoyed this year was the OUAB spring concert. I got a chance to go to the Columbus Commons (a place i did not even know existed). It was such a fun experience to get on the busses with all my friends and get a chance to witness Martin Garrix live and knowing that all of it was FREE! Going to this concert was one of the most memorable experiences I had in the SP16 semester!

Final Strategic Life Plan

Mario Franco-Di Tore
Final Strategic Life Plan-10702

This semester has helped me realize several things one of the most important being that I am undecided if I want to stick to being a biology major for four years. I think that I am leaning toward switching to a business major with a minor in biology so I have a back up plan and so I can finish my prerequisites for professional school. This would be a great secondary path so I can pursue an MBA if I do not get into dental school. This year has also helped me realize that there are so many resources to help me find a perfect career for me for example, and OnPace were helpful tools to see what careers matched up with my interests. I have also learned that balancing a social life and schoolwork is a little more challenging than expected. To keep order between the two I will be active in intramural sports and possibly join a fraternity and know when to make sacrifices for studying. This semester has taught me that the greatest source of wisdom I have is my older brother. He went through his ups and downs in college and he has helped me out a ton with my journey in college. Next semester I would like to get more involved by doing service and volunteering or finding a job at Postle Hall. In my opinion, my first semester has set me up to be successful for the upcoming semesters I have at The Ohio State University.



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Year in Review

This year was very stressful especially second semester, I barely had time to do anything that I really loved like going to workout, play sports, or just relax. I felt like everyday i had 100 tasks to finish and it was not a good way to live and spend my first year. I did not receive the grades that will help me excel in my career and i understand that I have to do more and prioritize my time and really focus on what i want my future to be. I will take all these lessons i learned from the first year and implement them into my years to come i especially want to focus on trying to build relationships with my teachers by going to office hours and getting more involved in HSS because i have realized you get out as much as you put in. However this year was not a total bust, i was able to join a fraternity and i made friendships that will last me a life time and deepened the friendships i already had. I can look forward to next school semester and really just focus on school and what are important to my future. I have the mentality that there is only one place i can keep heading and that is up.


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My career goal is to become a dentist and hopefully specialize in orthodontics. I see myself as a visual learner, I need to see many examples to understand a concept fully. My goal here at OSU is to make great friends and prepare me to get into the dental school of my choice.


I didn’t have that much time this semester to go out and explore all the restaurants Columbus has to offer but luckily I did get the chance to go to a Mexican restaurant called Bakersfield in Short North. My girlfriend came to visit me from the University of Toledo so i thought it would be nice if we went out and ate at a restaurant that neither of us had been to. I got the recommendation to go to Bakersfield from one of my friends who lived in Upper Arlington and it was nice to hear it was a Mexican restaurant because of the mutual love for Mexican food my girlfriend and I have. We got there and the ambiance was very nice and we felt like we belonged because the restaurant was filled with young adults. We both ordered tacos and they were delicious! I would recommend Bakersfield to any friend looking for great Mexican food! imgres

About Me

I went to a Catholic school in Toledo, Ohio called St. John’s Jesuit where i was apart of several organizations. Some of my favorite activities I did in high school was being on the varsity soccer team, student council, and president of the Spanish National Honors Society. I was able to finish high school with a 3.67 GPA and I received a 28 on my ACT. At Ohio State I plan on receiving a B.S. in Biology on a pre-dental track.

My career goal is to become a dentist and hopefully specialize in orthodontics. I see myself as a visual learner, I need to see many examples to understand a concept fully. My goal here at OSU is to make great friends and prepare me to get into the dental school of my choice.