Year in Review

As my first semester is coming to an end, I will have to say it has been a roller coaster of events. When first starting, I was nervous about getting into the rhythm of things. How will I manage all my course work and still be sociable? Eventually I did get the hang of things, except it wasn’t always easy when I did. Before school began, Dunn Sports and Wellness had a welcome week. These couple of days helped introduce me to new people to talk too. It also helped create mentors with having second year parents, with whom shared their experiences and advice throughout the semester. Once school began, it was quite an eye opener. I received grades that I’ve never gotten in my life, I was piled up with work, and it seemed like nothing was going my way at times. However, I knew times like this happened, and it will get better. So, I continue to push myself, study, and complete all assignments on time. I do all of this, while maintaining my mental, physical, and social wellness. To help manage stress, I started working out more, which helped manage my time as well. I felt that the more busy I was, the better my time management skills were. My grades could be higher in a class or two; yet, I still have time to boost them. I am in three clubs: pre-dental club, food science club, and citation needed. In addition, I am an OSU wrestling manager. I am scheduling next semesters classes, and I hope that I will be able to manage the new difficulty. Also, I might want to apply for a job.


In my opinion, GOALS is structured so that we as students get the full experience in college. It allows us to stay on track as a student, while allowing us to disperse into all aspects we should engage in. GOALS is needed to plan not only in the now, but also in the future. It helps build character in ourselves, and break from the norms. Knowledge is then enhanced because we aren’t only focused on academics, but also culture, the environment, ourselves, and our future.

Academics is one of the main reasons we’re all here. To get a great gpa, move on forward. However, when applying yourself, that is not all that people look for in a person. Building leadership is a prominent feature that can be found in each of the terms. Leadership is found in your academics, extracurriculars, service, community, and in the world. To make an impact you have to have leadership skills, and that will get you to where you need to go.


Technical skills:

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint

Transferrable skills:

  • organize information
  • find resources
  • contact


Purple Family photo

This was during welcome week for our scholars program. Welcome week is designed for us to create new bonds between the incoming freshman, as well as, get to know the second years, and some of the third and fourth years.  We broke up into small groups in order to become closer. I had 4 parents, which are second years, and they provided mentorship and advice. Those couple of days we participated in several activities. The activities included: volleyball, soccer, wheelchair basketball, corn-hole, trust exercises, and giant Jenga. These activities allowed us to get to know our fellow scholars, and build a more friendly and welcoming environment. On the last day of welcome week, we were able to do a scavenger hunt around downtown to get to know the area. However, the part I enjoyed most was getting to walk into the Shoe and get pictures, and at the end of the day be able to sing Carmen in the Rotunda. I got to know many of my peers that I live with in Morrill Tower. Also with the activities, a lot of leadership, communication, and common purpose arise. These skills are prominent for the future in working together, and creating a mutual environment. I am very grateful to have this experience with all the scholars that participated. My “parents” are the best, and we still contact each other on a weekly basis. The people I hang out with all the time are also the people in the scholars program. Dunn Sports is truly a welcoming group, and I am appreciative that I get to be a part of something so impactful.

About Me

My name is Jacqueline Fox, and I’m going to be a freshman. I grew up in Centerville, OH, which is a suburb in Dayton. I am one of four children. My sister is a junior here at The Ohio State University, and I have two younger brothers. I am closets to the youngest brother, who is in 7th grade. I am going to be a food science major, in a pre- dental track. I selected this major because I heard of it from a family friend that is also going into a pre-dental track. In addition, it strays from the normal majors, and I find the content very intriguing.  After the  four years, I hope to apply to dental school, and go on to become an orthodontist. I am also a part of the Dunn Sport and Wellness scholars program. I love to have fun by hanging out with people, go to sports events, concerts, shop, draw/paint, anything outdoors, you name it. I’m a social butterfly. I like to try new things.

Going in as a freshman brings about several different emotions. Theres excitement, being anxious and nervous, little confusion. However, even with them,  I can’t wait to be a buckeye. In the past , I’ve been raised to be social and studious. In high school you learn how to balance this to an extent. Yet college opens a whole new ball park.When learning I like to hear everyone else thoughts, and I also enjoy just being by myself. Like I said above, I am a social butterfly. So, I’m ecstatic to meet new people, make memories. While doing so, I have to make sure I study to get great grades, get involved, and over all have a great college experience.