Food Trends and Predictions

Food trends and predictions are beginning to flow as we head into the new year.  The Ohio Direct Marketing team reviews trends from industry groups, media, and other sources, to determine common findings that can benefit Ohio food and agriculture entrepreneurs and the community leaders supporting Ohio’s #1 industry.  The following are a few of the early predictions. For a complete view, join OSU Extension for a webinar of January 30, 2014. Follow this blog to get details.

Consumers will continue to seek healthy options in 2014, but with an occasional indulgent splurge. SRG’s 2014 Top Ten Food Trends include: The New Flavors of Farm-to-Table: Exotic meat – goat, rabbit and pigeon – raised by small-scale producers offer new feel-good protein choices.

Locally sourced foods, and handheld foods are some of the restaurant trends expected to rise in 2014, according to Technomic’s Take: 10 Trends for 2014.

12 Hottest food and beverage trends for restaurants and hotel dining for 2014 + 30 Buzzwords, from Baum+Whiteman, International food and restaurant consultants

What trends are you observing or predicting?


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