Food & Ag Marketing Lessons from the Super Bowl! – Today at NOON

Watching the Super Bowl with a bunch of farm direct marketers changed the way we thought about the game and the ads. We found ourselves looking for themes and trends which farmers could use in their marketing. Super Bowl 50 marks the third year for observing these trends and applying them to direct food & agriculture marketing.

Here are some questions we’ll answer during the program:

  • What trends did we see?
  • How does this relate to your farm?
  • How can you use these themes to update your farm’s social media plan?
  • Will the trends change the way you promote your farm through other marketing channels?

During the webinar, we’ll review the trends and give you tips on each one to use in your farm’s marketing plan.

Join us today to talk about marketing lessons from the Super Bowl 50 ads this year.

You can log into our webinar today at 12pm by going here:

The handout for this webinar is here: Marketing Trends We Saw in Super Bowl Ads 2016 – final

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