FREE Webinar: Creating Great Signage for Direct Marketing

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The OSU Extension Direct Food & Ag Marketing team will be hosting a FREE webinar on the topic- Signage/ Signs to Sell tomorrow, Thursday, May 21, 2015.

Learn to create great signage and let it do the talking, especially when you cannot. Signage can create consistent communication that you may leave out of training sessions.  It can increase sales, answer questions customers are too afraid to ask, and signage can ensure they did not forget to make a purchase they really needed.  You farm should never be too busy to NOT make great signage.  Signage is income!  All of us see signage doing its job each and every day.  Most of us see new, innovative ideas for signs everywhere we go.  It could be while we are out shopping, up on a billboard, or just something humorous we read on a sign at a restaurant.  But many of us simply do not take the time to implement these ideas.  It’s time to take these ideas and put them into action.  By action, I don’t mean just going and making a good sign.  I mean creating a plan for great farm signage.

Not many marketers have an actual signage plan.  We’ll help you get down to business on your signage.  We’ll break down signage into four categories, along with implementation strategies for your farm or food business.

The webinar will start at 12 noon (it works best to log in a few minutes early).

The presenter will be Eric Barrett, moderated by Rob Leeds.

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