Marketing Aquaculture Products

Greetings from the 2014 North Central Aquaculture Conference in Toledo, Ohio!

Aquaculture is a fast growing sector of our agricultural economy. As this part of our industry grows, we get many questions on starting an aquaculture business.  How can we help?  We can help you get MarketReady!

The Direct Marketing Food & Ag team is ready to help producers. This presentation is a quick outline of how to start the marketing plan, starting with the marketing combination.  The marketing combination consists of Plan & Process, People, Products, Places and Promotions. This program will help you identify your personal situation within the context of this marketing combination.


HANDOUTS: MarketReady Aquaculture –  This link includes the entire presentation from the conference.

For more details on marketing aquaculture products, see our website at

Best wishes in your new adventure!

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