Going to OPGMA Conference? Get a marketing check-up!

If you plan on attending the OPGMA Conference in Sandusky, OH, on January 19-22, visit with the OSU Direct Food & Ag Marketing Team to get a marketing check-up. Getting a outsider to view your materials may be all it takes to spark an idea to improve your marketing and your brand for 2014.

Bring all of your marketing materials – from business cards to flyers, print ads, coupons, pictures or anything else you use to market your business.  Pictures of your farmstand, farmstead or even your booth at the farmers’ market will be a big help us analyze your marketing strategy and give you a few tips for 2014.

We will be in the OPGMA Congress Resource Center during most of the conference and we’ll have a booth. We’d love to visit with you!  If you would like to schedule a time at the Congress, please send an email to barrett.90@osu.edu

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