Faculty and Team Leaders 2019

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Dr. Frederick Aldama, Co-director
PhD from Stanford University


Dr. Zhong-Lin Lu, Co-director
PhD from New York University

Dr. Brad Bushman
PhD from University of Missouri

Dr. Charlie Campbell
PhD from The Ohio State University

Dr. Lisa Cravens-Brown
PhD from The Ohio State University

Dr. Angus Fletcher
PhD from Yale University

Dr. Jared Gardner
PhD from John Hopkins University

Professor Dale Gnidovec
MS from Fort Hays (Kansas) State University

Dr. Jasmeet Hayes
PhD from University of Arizona

Dr. Hasan Jeffries
PhD fromDukeUniversity

Dr. Andrew Leber
PhD from John Hopkins University

Dr. Paloma Martinez-Cruz
PhD from Columbia University

Dr. Michael Slater
PhD from Stanford University

Dr. Wendy Smooth
Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
PhD from University of Maryland, College Park

Dr. Zheng (Joyce) Wang
PhD from Indiana University, Bloomington

Dr. Tatiana Wolfe
PhD from University of Sao Paulo

Community Guest Facilitators

Victor Dandridge, Comic Author

JM Hunter, Cartoonist and Educator

Uko Smith, Adjunct Illustrator (Columbus College of Art and Design)

Team Leaders

Maya Dennis
Major: Biology

Carlos Kelly 
Major: U.S. Latinx Literature

Walden Li
Major: Psychology, Computer & Information Sciences

Trevor Marcho
Major: Music Education

Bonnie Opliger
Major: English (American Literature)

Danielle Orozco
Major: English

Cristina Rivera
Major: Children’s Literature

Nicholas Rushlow
Major: Molecular Genetics