Faculty and Team Leaders 2018



Dr. Frederick Aldama, Co-director
PhD from Stanford University



Dr. Zhong-Lin Lu, Co-director
PhD from New York University


Dr. Lisa Cravens-Brown
PhD from The Ohio State University



Dr. Charlie Campbell
PhD from The Ohio State University


Dr. Angus Fletcher
PhD from Yale University



Dr. Bennet Givens
PhD from University of North Carolina


Professor Dale Gnidovec
MS from Fort Hays (Kansas) State University


Dr. Yune Lee

PhD from Columbia University


Dr. Paloma Martinez-Cruz
PhD from Columbia University


Ms. Caitlin McGurk
MLIS from Long Island University Post


Dr. Sean O’Sullivan
PhD from Yale University


Dr. Amy Shuman
PhD from University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Wendy Smooth
Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
PhD from University of Maryland, College Park

Dr. Kristin Supe
PhD from The Ohio State University


Dr. Zheng (Joyce) Wang
PhD from Indiana University, Bloomington


Dr. Kathy Wright
PhD from University of Utah

Community Guest Facilitator

Rafael Rosado, Storyboard Artist

Team Leaders

Sam Croarkin
Major: Biomedical Engineering


Carlos Kelly
Major: English


Emma Megla
Major: Neuroscience


Katherine Miller
Major: Social Work

Danielle Orozco
Major: English

Wes Patterson 
Major: Clinical Mental Health Counseling


Alizé Raptou
Major: Dance

Genevieve Ritchie-Ewing 
Major: Anthropology


Victoria Sevich
Majors: Audiology and Speech and Hearing Science


Stefania Torres-Grisales
Majors: Psychology and Spanish