Buckeye Leadership Fellows Interview

I applied for the Class of 2021 Buckeye Leadership Fellows (BLF) cohort. This week, I have the group interview portion of the selection process. I am somewhat apprehensive about the group interviews, since this is a selection process for a very prestigious and competitive organization. I feel like I need to go against my nature and be more outgoing and contribute to the conversation in a situation where I would naturally sit back and only talk when I have something very important to say. I want to make myself seem like a strong candidate, but I feel as though it’s hard to stand out in group interviews. Additionally, I am worried about imposter syndrome—feeling as though I don’t belong in a group of so many other accomplished students. Every time I feel like that, I tell myself that there’s a reason I’m right there with my other successful peers. If I continue in the selection process after the initial group interview, I will have to do an individual interview. Being accepted to BLF would be the greatest achievement in my college career to date if I make it happen, and I’m determined to accomplish that. It looks like it will be a great experience and could completely redefine my college career. I’ll be checking back in with a post-interview update.

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