2018 Engineering Expo

On September 25-26, 2018, I attended the Engineering Expo and Career Fair. I spoke to several potential employers at the Expo, looking for a summer 2019 engineering internship. I applied some of the skills I’ve worked on in my time in the Honors Collegium. I gave my elevator pitch to each company rep I spoke to. It was a good experience to actually use the elevator pitch that I made because of the Collegium, and the pitch helped me start a productive dialogue with the recruiters. Additionally, the resumes I gave to the recruiters were much stronger than previous editions of my resume, thanks to the resume work I’ve done in the Honors Collegium. The recruiters gave me information on how to apply for their internships and discussed their on-campus interview processes when applicable. I also discussed what each company has their interns do. I told recruiters about my previous internship experience at SanCasT and how it benefited the company. The 2018 Expo was much better for me than the 2017 Expo, partly because I had another year of education and experience in engineering, but also because I had a better grasp of the skills needed to make myself appear to be a strong candidate.

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