Global Timber Model Code Repository

This page contains a link to an open Dropbox folder that holds the code used in various papers written with GTM.  Code for the following papers is included.  Some additional supplemental data are also provided in each folder.

Papers with code included:

Tian, X, B Sohngen, J Baker, S Ohrel, and A Fawcett. 2018. Will US Forests Continue to Be a Carbon Sink? Land Economics. 94(1): 97-113.  (

Austin, K.G., Baker, J.S., Sohngen, B.L., Wade, C.M., Daigneault, A., Ohrel, S.B., Ragnauth, S. and Bean, A., 2020. The economic costs of planting, preserving, and managing the world’s forests to mitigate climate change. Nature communications, 11(1), pp.1-9.  (


Link to Dropbox with code:

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