Carrion Insects

Blow flies are the first and most common insect to arrive on a corpse. they provide the most accurate estimation of the time of death. There are multiple species of blow flies that show up on corpses. They can also arrive within minutes of death depending on multiple factors such as climate and individual ways a body begins breaking down.

  • The predominant species of insects are Calliphoridae(Blow flies) Sacrophagidae(Flesh Flies) and Muscidae(House Flies)
  • Blow flies and flesh flies can arrive within minutes following death. House flies arrive when the body reaches bloat stages in decomposition. They lay eggs in natural body openings and wounds. When the maggots pass through the three instars they stop feeding, move to drier areas and begin pupa formation. The outer skin of the maggot hardens and eventually emerges as a fly
  • Muscidae Sacrophagidae

Carrion beetles show up during later stages of decomposition. when the body begins to dry blow flies do not find the body as suitable. Many will eat away at the dry flesh.

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