Daily Challenges

Welcome to Day 11 of the Food Waste Challenge! There will not be a new challenge today. Instead, we wanted to inform everybody of opportunities and events for points that are taking place tomorrow on Earth Day. 

First off, TerrAqua is hosting a hike through the Big Darby Headwaters Nature Preserve on Saturday, and are meeting at the Kottman Hall Lobby at 8:45 AM to carpool over there. You are encouraged to pack a zero waste lunch (no packaging waste, tupperware, reusable silverware, etc). Here’s the Facebook event where you can find more information!
Another opportunity for points will be volunteering at the many sites that will be hosting litter clean-ups, tree plantings, and more for Earth Day! It’s a great way to give back to your community. Here’s the link with more information about the opportunities available.
To gain points for either of these, please take a picture of yourself at the event and post it on social media with the hashtag #osufoodwastechallenge. Bonus points will be given if you have a caption/paragraph regarding your thoughts on the event. If you do not want to post to social media, please email your submission to frnosu@gmail.com.

This means, if you haven’t had the chance to – head to the Challenges tab on the left side of this screen and start submitting!


Food Waste Challenge


The Day 2 challenge of the Food Waste Challenge is up under the Challenges section! If you still aren’t signed up for the Food Waste Challenge, sign up here! New challenges are posted each day, but can be completed at any time throughout the end of the overall Food Waste Challenge (until April 22nd).

Here are some sneak peeks on prizes you can win for participating in daily challenges regarding food waste at Ohio State:


Beeswax wraps to replace plastic wrap in your kitchens and dorms.


To-Go Ware Bamboo Utensils

Collapsible To-Go Containers



Gift cards to local restaurants that responsibly source their food in environmental and social ways!


What other products would make a food waste-free lifestyle easier?