2017 OSU Food Waste Conference

The second annual conference of the OSU Food Waste Collaborative will focus on policy trends at the federal, state and local level as well as the latest innovations aimed at reducing consumer food waste. Participants can join us for a full day of programming in person at the 4-H Center, or enjoy the morning sessions remotely via live stream.  

A significant portion of food we grow and produce is never consumed, either left in the field or thrown in a landfill.  Research indicates that as much as 40% of our food supply is wasted, with collateral damage that includes economic loss, unnecessary food insecurity as well as climate and environmental issues.  Major contributors to the issue include confusion about food expiration labels, local composting rules, and liability surrounding food donations. The FWC conference will explore current trends in food policy that both help and  hinder our ability to reduce this alarming amount of loss in the food system.  National, state and local experts will join us live and via webcast for compelling conversations on policy-driven solutions.

General registration is $20.00 and includes lunch.  Students can attend for free but registration is required.  The live steam is complimentary but registration is also required.


2017 OSU Food Waste Collaborative Conference and Webinar list of attendees-23hfeh3