2018 OSU Food Waste Conference

The Ohio State University Food Waste Collaborative held the 3rd Annual Food Waste Conference & Networking Event on Thursday October 11th at the Nationwide 4H Center. This year’s conference focused on campus food waste reduction strategies and also highlighted ongoing food waste research projects at Ohio State. As in previous years, our conference attracts a great mix of stakeholders from the public and private sector who share a common goal of reducing and redirecting food.  You can view a list of attendees here.

Our morning plenary sessions were recorded.  Speakers include:

9:15 – 10:45 am – Food Waste and the University Campus
Dr. Brenna Ellison, University of Illinois at Urbana
Katie LeBlanc, The Ohio State University Food Waste Collaborative
Andrew Jones, Larvio Bioconversions/The Ohio State University

11:00 – 12:00 OSU Research Updates
Angel Arroyo-Rodriguez, OSU PhD candidate  – US Household’s Food Waste Management Behaviors
Aishwarya Badiger, OSU PhD candidate – Effect of Removing Date Labels from Milk Cartons on Consumer Discard Decisions
Kathryn Bender, OSU PhD candidate – Consumer Willingness to Pay for Novel Date Label
Julia Hilty, OSU Food Waste Collaborative – Updating Ohio’s Food Date Labeling and Food Donation Liability Laws
John Lowrey, OSU PhD Candidate – Improving Hunger Relief Food Donation Programs:  A Supply Chain Innovation at Retail
Dr. Danyi Qi, Louisiana State University – Messages to Diners about Food Waste Result in Smaller Orders, Cleaner Plates but no Change in Total Food Intake
Dr. Brian Roe, OSU Faculty – Other ongoing OSU food waste research