High pressure processing technology has its roots in the material and chemical process engineering industry where it has been used in sheet metal forming and isostatic pressing of materials such as turbine engine components. High pressure processed foods are commercially available in the US market, from mid 1990 onwards. A brief history of high pressure food processing is given below.


Year Application Reference
1881 Conversion of starch into sugar Soxhlet 1881
1897 Inversion of cane sugar Stern 1897
1897 Starch saccharification Lippmann 1897
1899 Experiments on milk preservation Hite 1899
1900 Homogenization for stabilization of dairy emulsion Donsi et al. 2009
1909 Experiments on compressibility Bridgman 1909
1912 Water phase diagram Bridgman 1912
1914 Coagulation of albumen Bridgman 1914
1918 Pressure effects on bacteria Larson et al. 1918
1920 Continuous manufacture of phenols Brown 1920
1923 Experiments on thermal conductivity Bridgman 1923
1943 Mutarotation of glucose Sander 1943
1970 Biological reaction ratesDecaffeinating coffee via super critical fluid extraction Yayanus 1969

King 2014

1980 Beef protein quality Elgasim et al. 1980
1990 Meidi-ya Food Co launched high pressure treated products in Japan Mozhaev et al. 1994
1995 Thermodynamic properties of water under pressure, NIST/ASME Steam database http://www.nist.gov/srd/upload/STEAM30-2.pdf
1997 Pressure treated Gucagmole  by Avomex (now fresherized foods) Sizer et al. 2002
1998 to2002 Spain introduced pressure treated sliced cooked hamHormel introduced pressure treated deli meat products in the US market Tonello 2011Sizer et al. 2002
2005 Cited as one of the best innovations in food processing Dunne 2005
2009 FDA issued no objection to an industry petition for pressure-assisted thermal processing (research sponsored by Army-Industry consortium) Juliano et al. 2012
2012 Introduction of pressure treated juices http://www.starbucks.com/promo/evolution-fresh-juice
2013 Development of pressure-ohmic-thermal sterilization http://tco.osu.edu/technologies/#/tech/959

Source: Balasubramaniam, V.M., Sergio I. Martinez-Monteagudo, Rockendra Gupta. 2015. Principles and Application of High Pressure Based Technologies in the Food IndustryAnnual Review of Food Science and Technology. Vol. 6: 435-462.