High Pressure Processing

High pressure processing (HPP) of food, one of the industrially relevant nonthermal technologies, has been adopted by the food industry because of high consumer demand for minimally processed foods. The technology has its roots in the material and process-engineering industry where it has been commercially used in sheet metal forming and isostatic pressing of advanced materials such as turbine components and ceramics.

Our laboratory has been contributing towards various scientific  advances of high pressure technologies including the following

  • High pressure pasteurization
  • Pressure-assisted thermal sterilization
  • Pressure Ohmic thermal sterilization
  • High pressure-based lipid crystallization
  • Extraction of valuable compounds from food waste
  • Preservation of nutrients
  • Impact of pressure-thermal treatment on various microorganisms, allergens and food quality attributes and developing kinetic models for their destruction
  • Impact of pressure-thermal treatment of packaging polymers
  • Reduce the use of synthetic chemicals in product formulation

We employ semi-custom-built laboratory and pilot scale equipment to advance high pressure-based process development for various food manufacturing applications.