Our research focus has been about application of engineering principles in the development and evaluation of industrially relevant, sustainable, food preservation methods (including high pressure processing (HPP), pressure-assisted thermal processing (PATP), pressure-ohmic thermal processing (POTP), and high pressure homogenization (HPH)).  Research activity includes

  1. Clean label process development
  2. Impact of nonthermal processing on health promoting compounds
  3. Food Safety
  4. Process validation



Heating-KettleOSU, Food Science, V.M. (Bala) Balasubramaniam, OARDC, CFAES

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 Example of recently completed projects:

  1. Process Design and Development for shelf-stable and extended shelf-life low-acid foods
  2. Integrate process legality and kinetic model for process validation and optimization
  3. Application of high pressure homogenization for beverage processing
  4. Technology development of pressure-ohmic-thermal processing
  5. High pressure crystallization of lipids
  6. Surrogate organisms for validation of pressure-assisted thermal processing
  7. Combined pressure-thermal effect on bioactive compounds, allergens
  8. Development of in situ sensor for property measurements

Refer publications section for additional details of our past research efforts.