Professional Service

Member and co-organizer of the following workshops and short courses co-sponsored by Institute of Food Technologists, Nonthermal Processing Division and European Food Science and Technology (EFFOST)

  • Germany Nonthermal Processing workshop. (Scientific program committee member). Germany. October 11-14, 2011.
  • Montreal Nonthermal Processing workshop. (Scientific program committee chair). Montreal, Canada. October 11-14, 2010.
  • Beijing International Conference on Nonthermal Processing Technologies, Beijing, China. October 13-15, 2009.
  • Nonthermal Processing workshop, Madrid, Spain. November 19-22, 2008
  • Nonthermal processing workshop, Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon. January 13 – 16, 2008
  • Workshop on applications of novel technologies in food, and biotechnology, Cork, Ireland September 11-13 2006
  • Workshop on nonthermal food preservation,USDA-ARS Eastern Regional Research Center, Wyndmoor, PA Sept 14-16, 2005
  • Short course on Commercializing nonthermal processing, New Orleans, LA. July 15-16, 2005
  • Workshop on nonthermal food preservation, Food Science Australia, Sydney, Australia September 16-17, 2004
  • Workshop on nonthermal food preservation, Wageningen, Netherlands September 7-10, 2003
  • Co-organizer, Workshop on process validation of low-acid foods by high pressure processing. National Center for Food Safety and Technology, Summit-Argo, IL March 5-6, 2002
  • Workshop on nonthermal food preservation, Columbus, OH September 11-13, 2002
  • Co-director, NCFST Short Course entitled “Principles of High Pressure Processing”, Summit-Argo, IL. August 14-18 2000