Conference of Food Engineering (CoFE’2016)

Co-hosted 13th Conference of Food Engineering (CoFE’16) held in Columbus, Ohio September 12-14, 2016.  The conference covered broad issues related to food engineering, both theory and practice. The scientific program included, but is not limited to, classical and emerging areas including topics from Mathematical Modeling of Process Operations, Thermal Processing, Alternative Thermal Processes, Nonthermal Processing, Microbial Growth and Inactivation, Packaging for Shelf-Life Extension, Sensors, Engineering of Digestion Processes, Bioprocessing for Value-Added Product Production, Encapsulation and Delivery, Extraction of Bioactives, Fresh Produce Safety, Combination Treatments for Processing Efficiency, Sustainability of Food Operations, Advances in Frozen Foods, Safety of Low-Moisture Foods, Food Engineering Education, Nanotechnology Applications in Foods, Physical Properties and Quality Attributes, Hygienic Design, Fouling and Cleaning, and other areas.  More information about the CoFE 2016 can be found at