Welcome  to Center for Clean Food Process Technology Development-Food Safety Engineering Laboratory

 Directed by Dr. V.M. (Bala) Balasubramaniam

Professor of Food Engineering


We contribute to Clean Food Process Technology Development using lab & pilot plant scale equipment.

July 2023

Listen to CIFT Podcast HPP (High pressure processing) – Extending shelf life and making our food healthier in Ohio and beyond. Season 2, Episode 1. CIFT, Toledo, OH


Feb 2023

  1. Jerish Joyner Janahar; V.M. Balasubramaniam; Rafael Jiménez-Flores; Osvaldo H. Campanella; Bhavesh Patel; Joana Ortega-Anaya. 2023.Impact of ultra-shear technology on quality attributes of model dairy-pea protein dispersions with different fat levels. Current Research in Food Sci. vol 6.100439    DOI: 1016/j.crfs.2023.100439
  2. Jerish Joyner Janahar, Jie Xu, M. Balasubramaniam, Ahmed Yousef, Edmund Ting. 2023. Influence of pressure, shear, thermal and valve geometry effects on the inactivation of Lactobacillus brevis cells and Bacillus cereus spores. International Journal of Food Properties (in press).

November 2022

Chandrakala Ravichandran, Lakshmi E. Jayachandran, Anjineyulu Kothakota, R. Pandiselvam, V.M. Balasubramaniam. 2023.  Influence of high pressure pasteurization on nutritional, functional and rheological characteristics of fruit and vegetable juices and purees-an updated review,
Food Control, Volume 146, 109516, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.foodcont.2022.109516.

Food processors factsheet on high pressure processing  https://ohioline.osu.edu/factsheet/fst-fabe-1001

Food processor factsheet on pulsed electric field processing https://ohioline.osu.edu/factsheet/fst-fabe-1002

May 2022 

  • Congratulations to Howard Park. His paper “Influence of superheated steam temperature and moisture exchange on the inactivation of Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores in wheat flour coated surfaces” has been accepted for publication in Food and Bioprocess Technology.
  • Congratulations to Jerish Janahar Joyner. His paper “Pressure, shear, thermal and interaction effects on quality attributes of plant-dairy protein colloidal dispersions”   has been accepted for publication in Food Hydrocolloids.

October 2021

July 2021

March 2021


  • Laboratory Director, Dr. V.M. Balasubramaniam, has been named as the recipient of 2021 IFT Research and Development Award. The award recognizes his integrated multidisciplinary approach to research and industrial outreach that advanced knowledge about various innovative food manufacturing technologies. In particular, his work in the area of high pressure processing has opened new pathways for product offerings by developing safe, clean label, high-quality alternatives to traditional processes. Congratulations!!!
  • Musfirah Zulkurnain, Alifdalino Sulaiman, V.M. Balasubramaniam. 2021. High-pressure based food processing technologies for food safety and quality. In Food Processing
    Advances in Thermal and Non-Thermal Technologies, Vol 2, Kshirod Kumar Dash, Sourav Chakraborty (editors),  CRC Press.
  • Agcam, E., A. Akyıldız, S. Kamat, and V. M. Balasubramaniam. 2021. Bioactive Compounds Extraction from the Black Carrot Pomace
    with Assistance of High Pressure Processing: An Optimization Study. Waste and Biomass Valorization. https://doi.org/10.1007/s12649-021-01431-z

Jan 2021

Dec 2020

October 2020

Congratulations to Hyeon “Howard” Park for receiving 2020 Peanut Proud Scholarship as a part of International Food Protection Annual (Virtual) Meeting, Clevland Ohio for his doctoral research on superheated steam for dry plant sanitation.



Join us 2020 Food Protection Virtual Meeting and listen to the following presentations from the laboratory

  • Jie Xu, Jerish Joyner Janahar, V.M. Balasubramaniam, Ahmed Yousef, and Edmund Ting. 2020. Thermal, pressure and shear on the inactivation of Lactobacillus brevis and Bacillus cereus. International Association for Food Protection Virtual Meeting, Des Moines, IA. Oct 26-28.
  • Hyeon W. Park, V. M. Balasubramaniam, and Abigail B. Snyder. 2020. The effect of superheated steam on the inactivation kinetics of Enterococcus faecium inoculated in peanut butter at different water activities. International Association for Food Protection Virtual Meeting, Des Moines, IA. Oct 26-28.
  • Balasubramaniam, V.M. 2020. Application of high pressure-based technologies for beverages: Effect on spores and vegetative Cells. Presented at symposium Recent Advancements in Beverage Processing: Considerations and Outcomes. International Association for Food Protection Virtual Meeting, Des Moines, IA. Oct 26-28.


  • Balasubramaniam, V.M. 2020. Food engineering for healthy and sustainable food systems. Sustainable Development of and Research Opportunities in Food and Chemical Engineering, International Virtual Professional Development Program, Hindustan College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore, India. Oct 8.

July 2020

Join us 2020 IFT Virtual Annual Meeting and listen to the following presentations from the laboratory


May 2020

April 2020

  • Congratulations to Jie “Chris” Xu for receiving 3rd place during CFAES-OARDC poster competition for post-doctoral scholars. Her research focused on investigating thermal, pressure and shear effects on the inactivation of Lactobacillus brevis and Bacillus cereus

January 2020

  • Happy New Year! Dr. Bala was quoted in a January 2020 issue of Refrigerated and Frozen Foods Magazine article ” The Many Layers of HPP” by Marina Mayer (page 24)

November 2019

September 2019

August 2019

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July 2019

June 2019

  • Dr. Bala is invited to present a webinar sponsored by International Society of Food Engineering on July 24 11 AM EST. Registration form: http://bit.ly/31YuiZl
  • Dr. Bala presented an overview on nonthermal food processing technologies via online at a workshop on Emerging Techniques in Food Processing organized by Indian Institute of Food Processing Technologies (IFPT) Thanjavur, India (June 27)
  • Laboratory scale ultra shear technology equipment has been installed by USDA NIFA industrial partner Pressure BioScience. We invite interested food processors to serve as Industry Advisory Board Members to contact us.
  • Congratulations to Dr. Bala, who was  among the 23 people recognized during IFT Nonthermal Processing Division meeting for twenty year research and industrial outreach contributions and the advancement of various nonthermal processing technologies. The event took place during 2019 IFT Annual Meeting held at New Orleans, LA
  • Dr. Bala was IFT Food Engineering Division Lecturer during 2019 IFT Annual meeting. His division lecture focused on development and industrial adaptation of high pressure based food technologies over the last 20 years
  • Dr. Bala, Shreya Kamat, Jerish Joyner co-hosted 2019 USDA NIFA Food Manufacturing Technologies Annual Grantees’ meeting held during 2019 IFT Annual meeting, New Orleans, LA.

May 2019

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  • Balasubramaniam, V M; Nitin, N; Krishnamurthy, Kathiravan; Sulaiman, Alifdalino. 2019 Putting Pressure on Food. Chemical Engineering Progress; New York 115 (5), 56-60 (May 2019).

Feb 2019

November 2018

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Kshirod K. Dash, V.M. Balasubramaniam, Shreya Kamat. 2019. High pressure assisted osmotic dehydrated ginger slices. Journal of Food Engineering (in press). https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jfoodeng.2018.11.024

September 2018


Congratulations Shreya Kamat, 2018 Autumn graduate!!!





August 2018

Congratulations Dr. Rarinthorn “TY” Thammakulkrajang, 2018 Summer graduate!!!






July 2018

The laboratory initiated a ultra shear technology for liquid foods and beverage processing. See the link for details. Ohio State Scientists Studying Healthier Food and Beverage Processing Options

May 2018

  • Congratulations to  Rarinthorn “TY” Thammakulkrajang,  on her successful PhD Dissertation defense. Ty’s doctoral research focused on investigating how certain product and packaging parameters influenced the spore inactivation during pressure-assisted thermal processing.







February 2018

January 2018

Dr. VM “Bala” Balasubramaniam has been appointed as the Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Food Process Engineering (JFPE), Wiley Publishers. Bala along with a team of five associate editors and an editorial board assume the editorial responsibilities of the journal from January 2018. JFPE, over the 40 years, published various original peer-reviewed research articles that focused on process engineering aspects of food preservation, packaging, handling, storage, and distribution of food.

December 2017

  • Santosh Dhakal, V.M. Balasubramaniam, Huseyin Ayvaz, and Luis Rodriguez-Saona. 2018. Kinetic modeling of ascorbic acid degradation of pineapple juice subjected to combined pressure-thermal treatment. Journal of Food Engineering (in press). https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jfoodeng.2017.12.016
  •  Kshirod Kumar Dash and VM Balasubramaniam. 2018. Effect of high pressure on mass transfer kinetics of granny smith apple. Drying Technology (in press).

August 2017

  • Anna Westphal, Kenneth M. Riedl, Jessica L. Cooperstone, Shreya Kamat, · V. M. Balasubramaniam, Steven J. Schwartz, and Volker Böhm. 2017. High Pressure Processing of Broccoli Sprouts – Influence on Bioactivation of Glucosinolates to Isothiocyanates. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (in press).
  • Musfirah Zulkurnain, V.M. Balasubramaniam, and Farnaz Maleky. 2017. Thermal effects on lipids crystallization kinetics under high pressure. Crystal Growth and Design (in press).

July 2017

  • E. Agcam, A. Akyıldız, and V.M. Balasubramaniam. 2017. Optimization of anthocyanins extraction from black carrot pomace with thermosonication. Food Chemistry. 237, 461-470. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.foodchem.2017.05.098
  • Santosh Dhakal, V.M Balasubramaniam, Jean-Christophe Cocuron, Ana Paula Alonso, Erdal Agcam, Shreya Kamat. 2017. Pressure-thermal kinetics of furan formation in selected fruit and vegetable juices. Food and Bioprocess Technology https://doi.org/10.1007/s11947-017-1950-z.
  •  Congratulations to doctoral student Fira Zulkurnain who have successfully completed her doctoral examination during Summer 2017. Fira investigated the crystallization of lipids under high pressure for food texture development. She was co-advised by our food engineering /high pressure processing laboratory along with lipid analysis laboratory (Dr. Farnaz Maleky).

June 2017


  • IFT Presentations
    • Balasubramaniam, V.M. 2017. Recent developments in high pressure based technologies for clean process technology development. Symposium on Emerging Application of High Pressure processing. 2017 IFT Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV. June 25-28
    • Kshirod Dash, Shreya Kamat, and V M. Balasubramaniam. 2017. Mass Transfer Kinetics and Effective Diffusivity of High Pressure Assisted Osmotic Dehydration of Ginger. Abstract 044, 2017 IFT Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV. June 25-28
    • Shreya Kamat, KshirodDash, and VM Balasubramaniam. 2017. Quality Preservation of Pickled Vegetable Products Through Combined Pressure-Thermal Treatment. Abstract 038, 2017 IFT Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV. June 25-28

May 2017

  • Balasubramaniam, V.M. 2017. Engineering Advances in Combined Nonthermal and Thermal Technologies for Inactivation of microorganisms. 2017 IFT-EFFoST International Nonthermal Processing Workshop, May 24-25 Chicago Marriott Southwest at Burr Ridge, IL, USA
  •  Balasubramaniam, V.M. 2017. High Pressure Processing. Nonthermal Processing Short Course. 2017 IFT-EFFoST International Nonthermal Processing Workshop, May 24-25 Chicago Marriott Southwest at Burr Ridge, IL, USA

March 2017

  • Congratulations to  doctoral student Fira Zulkurnain  who won first place during 31st Annual Hayes Graduate Research Forum (poster competition) in Engineering, Math and Physical Sciences category. Also congratulate research associate  Shreya Kamat who received honorable mention in the same competition.

Feb 2017

Jan 2017

Dec 2016

  • Congratulations Dr. Santosh  Dhakal, Autumn 2016 graduate from the laboratory. Santosh’s doctoral research focused on evaluating synergistic, additive and antagonistic effects during Combined pressure-thermal treatment on selected liquid food constituents using reaction kinetic approach
  • Congratulations Dr. Bing Yan, Autumn 2016 graduate from the laboratory. Bing investigated high pressure homogenization of selected liquid beverages.

Nov 2016

  • Dr. Bala  received 2016 Distinguished Alumni award from Asian Institute of Technology Alumni Association (AITAA) in the category of Academic and Research Excellence

Sept 2016

July 2016

IFT Annual meeting (July 16-19) Chicago, IL. Presentations from the lab group

  • Sunday July 17 2-3 pm- Symposium on Advances, Challenges, and Opportunities in Nonthermal and Other Novel Food porcessing Technologies – Engineering and Packaging Aspects (S502)
  • Sunday July 17 3-5 pm poster abstract 069 Formation of furan in fruit and vegetable juices subjected to combined pressure-thermal treatment (poster presentation by Sanoths Dhakal et al.)
  • Tuesday July 19th 1.15-2.45 pm Symposium on challenges and processing advances towards making safe, high quality stabilized fruits and vegetables.

June 2016

Dr. Bala has been elected as 2016 Fellow of the  International Academy of Food Science and Technology (IAFoST), The International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST)

May 2016

Congratulations Santosh Dhakal, and Bing Yan for receiving OVIFT scholarship

February 2016

Dr. Bala co-presented an IFT webcast Extended Shelf-Life Foods – Ensuring Food Safety Through High-Pressure Based Technological Solutions Feb 25, 2015. (IFT login required to view the video)

November 2015

  • Martínez-Monteagudo, S.I., Bing Yan and V.M. Balasubramaniam. 2015. Process Engineering Characterization of High Pressure Homogenization–From Laboratory to Industrial scale. 2015 International Nonthermal Processing Workshop, Athens, Greece. Nov 12 and 13.
  • M. Zulkurnain, F. Maleky and VM. Balasubramaniam. 2015. Effects of High Pressure Crystallization on Physical Properties and Microstructure of Fat Blends. 2015 International Nonthermal Processing Workshop, Athens, Greece. Nov 12 and 13.

September 2015


July 2015

  • Dr. Bala Balasubramaniam received 2014-15 Nonthermal Processing Divsion Outstanding Service Award during 2015 IFT Annual Meeting held in Chicago, IL July 11-14, 2015.
  • Martinez-Monteagudo SI, Yan  B, and Balasubramaniam VM. Engineering Aspects of High Pressure Homogenization of Liquid Foods. 2015 IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo. Chicago, IL. July 11-14. Poster 099-013
  • Yan  B, Martinez-Monteagudo SI, Cooperstone JL, Riedl KM, Schwartz SJ and Balasubramaniam VM.2015. Effect of High Pressure Homogenization on Physicochemical and Nutritional Properties of Tomato Juice. 2015 IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo. Chicago, IL. July 11-14. Poster 032-035. Finalist, Nonthermal Processing Division Competition.
  • Zulkurnain M, Heldman DR, Balasubramaniam VM. 2015. Simulation and optimization of Pressure-Assist-Thermal-Process for maximum quality retention in CLA-rich milk. 2015 IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo. Chicago, IL. July 11-14. Poster  099-034
  • Dhakal S, Balasubramaniam VM, Ayyaz H and Rodriguez-Saona. 2015. Study of high pressure and temperature effects on ascorbic acid present in pineapple Juice. 2015 IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo. Chicago, IL. July 11-14.  Poster 032-078

June 2015  

  • Dr. Bala will be a keynote presenter at 12th International Congress on Engineering and Food (ICEF12), Québec City Convention Centre, Québec City | June 14-18, 2015 (http://www.icef12.com/index.html)
  •  Published a paper in Food Control. The research highlighted how natural and synthetic antimicrobial compounds can be used to reduce severity of pressure assisted thermal processing and thermal processing.
  •  Daryaei, Hossein, V.M. Balasubramaniam, Ahmed E. Yousef, J. David Legan, and Abdullatif Tay. 2016. Lethality enhancement of pressure-assisted thermal processing against Bacillus amyloliquefaciens spores in low-acid media using antimicrobial compounds. Food Control. 59 234-242.

May 2015

  • Zulkurnain M, Maleky F, Balasubramaniam VM. 2015. Effects of High Pressure Treatment on Structure and Physical Properties of Fat Blends of Fully Hydrogenated Soybean Oil. AOCS 106th Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL, May 3-6th.

April 2015

  • Bing Yan won 2015 OVIFT Graduate Student Scholarship Award, 2015 OVIFT Meeting and Supplier’s Expo, West Chester, OH. April 30, 2015.
  • Bing Yan won Edward J. Ray Travel Award for Scholarship and Service, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio   April 22, 2015.
  • Bing Yan won 2015 OVIFT travel grant, 2015 OVIFT Meeting, Columbus, Ohio. April 1, 2015.
  • Sanosh Dhakal won 2015 OVIFT travel grant,OVIFT Meeting, Columbus, Ohio. April 1, 2015.