Process Authority

Do you have a food product you would like to make to sell?

We offer technical support to food businesses and entrepreneurs to evaluate and improve the safety and stability of their product.

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  • Scheduled Process
  • Process Review
  • Shelf Life Testing
  • Heat Penetration Study
  • Challenge Study
  • Water Activity
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Please submit the following form to (or mail to the address below) for each product you wish to have evaluated. (Product Submission Form)

If you do not know the pH or water activity of your product, please send a 4 oz sample in a leak-proof container to the following address:

Parker Food Science Building, Attn: Abigail Snyder                                       2015 Fyffe Rd., Columbus, OH 43210

For additional questions and to submit a request for a scheduled process/process authority letter, email: 

If you do not use email, please call Abby Snyder at 330-263-3831. Forms can be sent through the mail as needed.


Fee Structure for Process Authority Services

Service Ohio/CIFT Member Non-Ohio/CIFT Member
Client Registration (one-time fee included in first service) $30 $60
Laboratory Analysis $35 per sample/per test $70 per sample/per test
Scheduled Process $150 $300
Scheduled Process for Meat $350 $500
Amendments $50 $100
Classification/Shelf Life Letter $100 $200



These services are offered as part of a collaboration between The Ohio State University and CIFT