For Parents of People Who Stutter

Family Support:

Parent Mentors:

The Flaum Center for Fluency Disorders is proud to offer a Parent Mentor Program. Our parent mentors are parents of children and young adults who stutter and are available to you at anytime. They are happy to chat, e-mail, text or meet for a cup of coffee. To contact our mentors, please e-mail Bridget Chapman at


FRIENDS: The National Association of Young People Who Stutter has a local chapter in Columbus, Ohio as well as chapters nationwide. They offer family centered support through one day conferences, local meet-ups and their national three day conference. We highly recommend connecting yourself and your child to the stuttering community- there is so much out there that could be of benefit, please check out their website at :

NSA, National Stuttering Association: The National Stuttering Association has a local chapter in Columbus, Ohio as well as chapters nationwide. They also offer meetups and conferences. Please reference their website at


The Stuttering Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping those who stutter. They have many resources available for free on their website and are a trusted resource. Here are a few of our favorite resources from their website:

Learn the Facts:

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Talking Tips:



The Stutter Steps: Proven Pathways to Speaking Confidently and Living Courageously: The founder of the Flaum center wrote an informative book about stuttering. He shares helpful strategies and therapy techniques to help individuals who stutter and families of individuals who stutter.

Check it out at: